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Explore Urban Plastic, The Biggest Plastic Factory in Indonesia that offers Eco-Friendly Cassava Bag, Durable Trash Bag, Advanced Geotextile, Strong Geomembrane and Innovative Drain Warden.

Fast Delivery

Your Drain Warden will be delivered quickly and accurately right to your hands! We also provide transportation options.

Direct From The Factory

We produce geotextile and geomembrane directly from the factory, ensuring their high quality.

Complete and Variety

We provide kinds of Biodegradable Bags, Cassava Bags, and Trash Bags. We are a leading comprehensive plastic in Indonesia.

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Urban Plastic offers local Geomembrane from Indonesia, Geomembrane from America/Canada and China; each with distinct quality characteristics to meet diverse needs.


Urban Plastic Geotextile Non-Woven, including Needle Punch and Polyester, offers Staple Fiber and Continuous Filament variants for diverse civil construction and engineering applications.

Garbage Bag

Urban Plastic, Indonesia Plastic Factory & Exporter, produces multi-purpose garbage bags, from HDPE material to Cassava Plastic, designed for office use and other applications.

About Us

PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia, a leading Indonesian manufacturer and exporter, specializes in producing eco-friendly Cassava Bag, sturdy Garbage Bag, efficient Geotextile, durable Geomembrane, and innovative Drain Warden for global markets.

“Purchased twice for minisoccer project needs, the product is good so I have ordered twice for this project.”

Mr. Rahmat, from Jakarta

“Urban Plastik products are very good and consistently stable in quality, the packaging is also good, apart from that the service is fast response.”

 Mr. Bambang, from Kediri

“Yes, I’ve bought the geotextile 4-5 times, it’s still good and usually thicker than the one I ordered.”

 Mr. Edo, from Semarang