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Garbage bag exporter in Indonesia by Urban Plastic – Garbage bag is plastic to wrap and functions as containers to accommodate garbage. These plastic bags are made of polyolefin or polyvinyl chloride plastic, thicker and more elastic, so they do not tear easily. Our Garbage Bag product market is currently in the United Kingdom because our customers are satisfied with the quality of garbage bags from Urban Plastic. Besides being used as plastic waste, these garbage bags are also often used to carry consumer things at events or some expedition industries. There are various types of plastic garbage bags that have a wide variety of usage. However, the type most familiar to the many people in the world is the black garbage bag.

This type of black plastic bag is generally used to accommodate non-medical waste from community activities such as households or industries. Some examples of waste that can be accommodated like, household waste, food waste, plastic waste, plastic packaging, plants, offices, and so on.  The garbage bags from Garbage Bag exporter in Indonesia are also quite affordable, and it is available in various sizes to choose from. This is why Our Garbage Bag product market is currently in United Kingdom become a favorite product to choose from. Also, you can get it quickly at a plastic store wherever you are. In addition to garbage plastic bags, there are also other types of garbage plastic bags with different colors and functions.

Types of garbage bags from Garbage bag exporter in Indonesia

Various types of garbage bags are available in the market from Garbage bag exporters in Indonesia. So, you need to know the difference of each type of these plastics garbage bag, so you do not wrong in using it. The first garbage bag is yellow. This type of product is commonly used to contain infectious and pathological waste. The yellow Urban Plastic garbage plastic bag is indeed higher because it is precisely for medical purposes. Pathological waste comes from the rest of the body tissues after surgery, while infectious waste comes from patients with a history of contagious diseases. Therefore, both wastes must be disposed of in unique plastic bags.

The next one is the red garbage bag. This type of plastic bag contains radioactive waste that comes from laboratory activities and contains radioactive substances. And then there is a brown garbage bag. Brown plastic waste bags are used to manage pharmaceutical waste, such as expired medicines or come from patient remains. Then the last one is purple garbage Plastic Bag. Purple garbage plastic bags are used to accommodate cytotoxic waste, namely, waste that comes from chemotherapy activities.  All of these garbage bags from Garbage bag exporter in Indonesia already used for many places because of the strength and durability of the product.

The four types of yellow waste garbage bags are sold at a price produced from Garbage bag exporter in Indonesia by the Urban Plastic brand, which is more expensive considering their crucial function. Garbage bags for medical and non-medical waste can be purchased at the nearest plastic store in your area or online through the marketplace. Usually, the Urban Plastic brand garbage plastic bags in the marketplace are more varied, and some stores offer discounts for purchases in large quantities. We should use them several times to reduce the number of plastic used. Plastic is a material that is difficult to decompose, and now the amount of plastic waste in the world is enormous compared to other types of garbage. Therefore, it is wise to use plastic bags to preserve nature and the environment.

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