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Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom or also known as trash bags are hygiene kits that you must have at home. With bin bags, it will be a lot easier for you to separate and throw your trash away. Today, bin bags come in a wide range of sizes and prices. You can even find the ones in pretty colours. When it comes to Indonesian trash bags, most of them are produced by Urban Plastic, which is one of the largest plastic manufacturers and exporters in Indonesia. This brand is under the company named PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi.

Besides Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom, Urban Plastic also produces other products. For example, t-shirt bags, soft loop bags, cassava bags, roll bags, dead body bags, die cut handle bags, and many more. Since founded in 1977, the brand has been constantly producing high-quality plastic at competitive prices. This privately owned company always prioritizes their customers, providing the best service. Since there are so many trash bags available in the market, some of you are probably confused about how to choose one. So, we gladly give you some useful tips on how to choose trash bags according to your needs. Here they are.

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Tips to Choose Indonesia Bin Bag in United Kingdom

  • Choose Based on the Shape

There are 2 kinds of Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom based on the shape, which are sheet trash bags and roll trash bags. Sheet trash bags are the most common bin bags you can easily find in the market. Sheet trash bags come in various capacities. You can even find one with a large capacity. On the other hand, roll trash bags are not as big as sheet trash bags. It is because roll trash bags are meant for traveling. Its small size allows you to put it inside your handbag or suitcase, bringing it when you are traveling.

  • Consider the Size

Choosing the size of Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom is an important point. A small bin bag will not be able to accommodate it if you have a lot of trash. A 20 x 20cm trash bag is suitable for traveling. Its small size makes it easier for you to put it inside your bag. 40 x 40cm trash bags are ideal for small amounts of household waste. 80 x 80cm trash bags are perfect for kitchen waste. Its capacity is enough to accommodate your daily cooking waste. While 100 x 100cm trash bags can accommodate a lot of household trash.

  • Consider the One Made of Natural Polymer

As you know, plastic is one of the unsolved environmental issues. So, it is better to choose bin bags made of natural polymer. Cassava is often used as a source of natural polymer for biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable plastic is plastic that can be destroyed by microorganisms. One of the Indonesian brands that manufactures biodegradable plastic is Urban Plastic. It produces cassava bags that are environmentally friendly. It is their product besides Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom.

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