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Biodegradable plastic bags have been discussed since the emergence of the campaign to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life. It is a plastic bag that made from natural materials and we can recycle it. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar provides various sizes of high quality biodegradable plastic. It is different from plastic in general, which are made from petroleum-based materials such as natural gas and coal. Biodegradable plastic is made from cellulose, collagen, protein, lipid, or chitosan taken from plant and animal extraction. It usually made from flour, such as cassava flour, potato, and rice, which can be broken down by nature into carbon dioxide and other biomass with the help of microorganisms.

Conventional plastic takes hundreds or even millions of years to decompose. Biodegradable plastic is one of any solutions to prevent the increase in plastic waste, especially the waste that accumulates in the ocean. In the following article, we will discuss the advantages of biodegradable plastic. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar produce biodegradable plastic according to your request. We are also open to cooperation and consultation regarding the biodegradable plastic. With the presence of biodegradable plastic which is more easily decomposed than conventional plastic, the plastic waste on earth can be reduced. Biodegradable plastic has a period of use that is usually listed on the plastic. if more than that time, then the plastic will decompose itself.

Biodegradable plastic does not contain harmful environmental pollutant. As mentioned above, it is made from 100% natural sources. Even at the production site of Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar is very concerned about carbon emissions resulting from the process. The factory makes biodegradable plastic with natural polymer base materials. Almost all plant waste containing starch can be processed into degradable plastic. Even some types of animal shells, such as snail shells can be used as degradable plastic material. In the process of making biodegradable plastic, the plant waste is first dried and ground into the starch. Then it is mixed with glycerol at a temperature of 70-80˚ Celsius to become gelatin. After the gelatinization process, the dough is printed on acrylic plastic according to the required size.

Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar provide the biodegradable plastic that can be part of your branding strategy in business. If you have a business, especially in the retail and manufacture sector, plastic bag is your main need in serving customers. The biodegradable plastic bag that you use in your shop indirectly invite customers to care more about the environment. The softer but stronger plastic structure, as well as the decomposition steps listed on the plastic are the main attraction for buyers. Customers are more likely to engage with companies that are known for their ecological practices. It means that the company is not only have to incorporate environmentally friendly materials into their packaging, but also have to be transparent about the life cycle management of their products.

As we know, the plastics that we generally use on a daily basis are made from processing fossil fuels. It can be concluded that Conventional Plastics use fossil fuels from raw materials to the manufacturing process. You can imagine how much fossil fuels are used here. In contrast to biodegradable plastic which are made from organic materials that we can get from animals and plants, which of course can be renewed and more environmentally friendly and nature can also decompose it. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar provide biodegradable plastics that help reduce the use of non-renewable fuels in conventional plastic processing.

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