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Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer produces various items from plastic material. However, most of us know that plastic material is difficult to recycle. It is indeed not good for our environment. More plastic means more waste that can destroy nature. However, the plastic manufacturer in Indonesia doesn’t stop and keeps using the old method to create their product. Nowadays, you also can find various plastic products that have much better quality and are safe for the environment. One of the companies that produce this kind of product is PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi, one of the leaders and exporters of plastic products from Indonesia.

This Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer produces various plastic products, such as Garbage Bag, Soft Loop Bag, T-Shirt Bag, Die Cut Bag, Bag on Roll, Polyester Non-Woven, Dead Body Bag, Cassava Bag, Geomembrane, Mulch Plastic, Drain Warden. And, the product that we are going to talk about here is the cassava bag. People said that this type of plastic bag is the solution that we have been searching for the more environmentally friendlier plastic bag that won’t cause the problem. Therefore, it is good news and the best product you can get from this company store. Now, let us learn more about it.

What is Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer Cassava Bag?

From its name, we believe that you can already guess what kind of bag this is. Yes, it is a bag made of cassava. Unlike the common plastic bag, this one uses organic material. As for the PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi cassava bag, they use the Ecoplas Resin. It is the substance that comes from processed cassava. This Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer combines it with polyethylene polymer to create a unique and new material, called bioplastic. Best of all, this material is biodegradable. And, we can’t even call this material plastic anymore. It is a different and better material for plastic bags.

The benefits of this bag are not only the biodegradable material, which is safe for the environment. However, the material acquiring process is also much better. Cassava is a well-known plant that you can find easily in all areas of Indonesia. Moreover, cassava is also one of the cheaper root vegetables that many farmers plant. Therefore, the production cost for this bag is much lower than other bags. Furthermore, this bag also has various functions. The cassava bag from this Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer can be made into various types of bags, such as soft loop bags, die-cut bags, t-shirt bags, and garbage bags.

With so many benefits that this unique bag has, it is not surprising if this bag becomes one of the popular products from PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi. Furthermore, people have been more aware of the importance of using the environmentally friendlier product. Therefore, it matches that today’s society’s culture and habits. We believe the cassava bag is only the beginning of our long effort and struggle to get the best product for our environment. And, this Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer is one of the leaders in this movement. Now, we can expect much better and more innovative plastic products in the future.

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