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We certainly often hear the term biodegradable bag? The purpose of the innovation is to suppress the increase in the world’s plastic waste. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia supports the use of environmentally friendly plastics, especially by replacing conventional plastics with biodegradable plastics. We also see in the news the emergence of new islands and continents made up of plastic waste in the oceans. Wherever we go in this world, the sight of someone carrying a plastic bag, plastic bottle, or plastic container is common. International organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the OECD then called for controlling the use of single-use plastics, such as plastic bags. One of the controls is through fiscal instruments in the form of taxes or excise.

Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia can be a solution to the problem of plastic waste in your country. We will be glad to serve you and find a degradable product that suits your request. The United States and a number of other countries such as the UK, India, Malaysia and Spain leave policies on controlling plastic bags to state or regional governments. Meanwhile, several African countries such as Mali and Cameroon have banned the use of conventional plastics and replaced them with biodegradable plastics that are more easily decompose. In addition, there are several countries that impose taxes on plastic bags used by their citizens, including:

  1. Portugal

The country imposes a tax of €0.10 on each single-use plastic bag. After the tax was imposed, the consumption of single-use plastic bags fell 74%. Meanwhile, the use of recycled plastic bags that are exempt from tax collection rose 61%. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia is an exporter of biodegradable bags to various countries in the world. The bag could be a solution in your country as a substitute for single-use plastic.

  1. Ireland

The plastic bag tax on consumers in Ireland is €0.22 up from €0.15. The policy is to limit the use of a maximum of 21 bags per person per year. After a year since March 2002, plastic bag consumption has decreased by more than 90%.

  1. Denmark

Denmark imposes a tax on plastic bags to consumers of US $ 0.56 per bag. In 2015, the consumption of plastic bags was reduced by 50% from the usual 800 million bags to 400 million bags. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia provides biodegradable products according to your request. We open cooperation and consultation related to our environmentally friendly products.

  1. Dutch

This country imposes a levy on the use of plastic bags, the amount of which is determined by each retail store. However, there are official guidelines for a levy of €0.25 per bag. As a result, the consumption of plastic bags decreased by 40% after a year of implementation.

  1. Vietnam

The country imposes a tax on non-biodegradable plastic bags based on weight. The tax charged is VND 40,000 per kilogram. The tax is levied at the retailer level.

Those are the 5 countries that have been consistent with the plastic bag use tax so far. It is the time for plastic waste to be reduced by using materials other than plastic and environmentally friendly plastics that are easily biodegradable. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia is a manufacturer for various kind of biodegradable container. We offer a solution to reduce the plastic waste with by getting used to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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