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Plastic is one of the crucial human needs. Plastic is not a basic human need, but it can be found in all lines of human life. As the human population and consumption increase, plastic waste is become more inevitable. It takes at least 50 to millions of years for plastic waste to decompose. Not to mention, plastic waste that becomes a pollutant in the ocean, where the waste cannot be decomposed. Then is there a material or type of plastic that is more environmentally friendly and can decompose quickly? Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines is one of the biodegradable bag manufacturer and exporter in the world. We support a better environment for the future.

Type of Environmentally Friendly Plastic

Along with developing technology, various types of environmentally friendly plastics are now emerging which are alternatives to conventional plastics. There are at least five types of environmentally friendly plastic that you need to know, you can read the following reviews:

  • Biodegradable Plastic

This type of plastic is the most in demand type and is easily decompose. It is made from traditional petrochemicals, as well as other additives, which make the waste more biodegradable. biodegradable plastic made from plant waste and glycerol and additional fiber to make the plastic stronger and more elastic. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines s a manufacturer of biodegradable plastic bags and we use high quality natural raw materials.

  • Eco Plastic

This type of plastic is come from the recycling process. Unlike biodegradable plastic, eco plastic still involve chemical process in it manufacture. Products made of eco plastic are generally not a single-use products, but we can use it several times for a long period of time. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines provides a variety of environmentally friendly bags and containers that you can choose according to your needs. We are also open to cooperation in the mass production of environmentally friendly bag.

  • Bioplastic

As a type of environmentally friendly plastic, bioplastic is made from natural material and biomass sources such as vegetable oil, corn starch, corn husks, pea starch, or microbiota such as mushrooms and corn. Therefore, this plastic is commonly called polylactic acid (PLA). Judging from its appearance, PLA has characteristics similar to polyethylene and polypropylene, which are types of plastic made from petrochemicals. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines manufactures plastics made from natural materials such as corn starch and other vegetable sources. we support a better world through eco-friendly products.

  • Oxo-biodegradable

If you’re new to this type of plastic, it’s an eco-friendly plastic intended to break down in open landscapes or ocean surfaces. Oxo-biodegradable additives degrade plastic until it decomposes back into the soil, eaten by microbes. Oxo-biodegradable contains stabilizers, which make plastics more useful and durable, even up to 18 months. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines is a biodegradable containers manufacturer. We have collaborated with various parties to provide environmentally friendly bags.

  • Fertilizer Plastic

The last type of environmentally friendly plastic, namely compostable plastic. As one of the most popular types of plastic, compostable plastic is not designed for a long period of time. One thing that is interesting about this type of plastic is that compostable plastic can only decompose naturally in the industrial composting environment, and is intended to be disposed of in that environment. If you want to know more about Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact our team via the contact listed.

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