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Dead Body Bag Factory in Indonesia produces a quality product that meets the standard to be one of the best manufacturers and exporters. Our dead body bag or corpse body bag is disposable to be less harmful to our environment. This plastic bag is a large white plastic that is strong, flexible, not easily broken, and waterproof. This plastic bag is much needed to wrap infectious bodies such as Corona Virus victims and other contagious viruses. 

Even nowadays, the body bag has high demand in the market because of a covid-19 pandemic that takes many people lives, our body bag from Urban Plastic still available in low price for that needs.

Currently, many manufacturers sell body bags due to high market demand. But also, we must be careful to get the best quality, so we recommend you to get it from Dead Body Bag Factory in Indonesia from Urban Plastic. Good quality body bags will not easily tear and leak when used. The demand for body bags is currently high due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The component is needed as a coating for the corpses of Covid-19 victims. Quality body bags can prevent leaks that could put workers dealing with the current pandemic at risk. Although there is a possibility that the virus in the deceased’s body will die, there is still the possibility that the virus will remain alive and infect officers. It is very worrying if there is a leak after rotting later on the corpses of Covid-19 victims.

Why do you need to buy the Dead Body Bag Factory in Indonesia from Urban Plastic?

When you decide to buy a body bag, especially in large quantities, you should pay attention to the following, so you don’t buy the wrong one. According to the protocol set by the WHO (world health organization), there are some rules for the management of the bodies of Covid-19 victims and the Indonesian Ministry of Health. It is necessary to use plastic or body bags as wrappers before burial. Then handling must be carried out by special officers equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) not to contact the Coronavirus. Dead Body Bag Factory in Indonesia provides the product that meets the requirement.

Body bags were not limited to that, and this thing also had many other uses. As used on other infectious corpses, bodies of victims of natural disasters, accident victims, corpses that need identification, and many more. This causes the high demand for body bags due to their many uses. In addition, this demand goes hand in hand with the price of relatively cheap body bags, but it is undeniable that the high market demand has increased the price of this item in the market. The Urban Plastic dead body bag factory in Indonesia has thicker material than other manufacturers.

Although made from thick body bags, this body bag from Dead Body Bag Factory in Indonesia also has high elasticity and is not easily torn. This is an advantage so that the wrapped corpse does not quickly drain the fluid in the body bag. This body bag is also water-resistant, so this plastic does not penetrate water from the outside because of its excellent quality. At an affordable price, we can already get this body bag.

This is very important for handling the Covid-19 pandemic, which claimed many lives. The use of body bags is also expected to stop the virus spread to officers working in the field. In addition, the use of PPE for officers is also required when handling corpses from Covid-19 victims and implementing strict health protocols.

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