Those who are looking for a die cut bag factory in Indonesia can call PT. Kapuk Mas. Our company produces a variety of plastic bags for retails and other industries, including soft loop bags, t-shirt bags, cassava bags, and many more. The goal of our services is to serve high-quality and low-cost packaging made of plastic for retails and any business. As retails serve good services by providing packaging, we hope that it also gives more benefits. A die-cut bag is one of our products that is suitable for retails or any business due to its simple and modern model. Check the details below for more information. 

We are a Die Cut Bag Factory in Indonesia That Is Ready to Produce Durable Plastic Bags for Retails 

Our die-cut bags are made of HDPE and LLDPE. We choose these materials because they are durable and hard to tear and stretch. It makes the plastic bag strong enough to hold a variety of retail or groceries products. Because of its durability, users can use our product many times. Due to the quality of our product, retail and business owners know us as a trusted die cut bag factory in Indonesia. Besides covering plastic bags needed in Indonesia, our die-cut bag product market is currently in Japan and Africa. It shows that many business owners trust our product to satisfy their customers, especially in providing high-quality and durable packaging. 

As a Professional Die Cut Bag Factory in Indonesia, We Are Ready to Realize Your Needs

Each retail store needs a different die-cut bag model. No matter the die-cut bag model you need for your business, call us to discuss it. We are a professional die cut bag factory in Indonesia, along with a skillful team. They are ready to produce a plastic bag based on your needs. Let’s say we have bags with at least 20 cm in width, along with 30 to 60 microns of thickness. You only have to give the design you want and let us finish your order. Soon, your business will have attractive packaging just like what you want.   

We are a Die Cut Bag Factory in Indonesia that Is Ready to Handle a Large Number of Order 

Imagine how many die-cut bags you need if you are running a big grocery or supermarket. Indeed, your store needs a large quantity of plastic bags. As a die cut bag factory in Indonesia that exports its product abroad, our company is ready to handle a large number of orders. This service is suitable for those who are running a large grocery, store, supermarket, and many more. You will always cover the need for a plastic bag to serve your customers. The more customers feel helped with your services, the more satisfied they are. At a certain point, they will be your loyal customers and even recommend your products to their friends, family members, and colleagues.

So, you don’t need to get confused anymore to find a die cut bag factory in Indonesia that provides good and affordable products. Let our company help you to give an attractive plastic bag to your customers.   

For more information about die cut bag factory in Indonesia please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ratna) or, atau: Email : [email protected]

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