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Drain warden installation is simple yet effective for preventing contaminants and rubbish from entering the stormwater system. This device is designed to be installed under catch pit grates. Catch drain warden collects and traps sediment and pollutants from stormwater runoff before the water enters the stormwater system. This product is used in many places to protect their drainage against low-level contamination with no manual intervention. You only need to install the drain warden in the driveway, car park, storage, or hardstand drains. Just let this amazing product do the rest of it. Before we go to installing this product, let us introduce you first to what the drain warden is.

What is a drain warden, and how is drain warden installation?

The drain warden by Urban Plastic product is already proven to be placed with high rainfall intensity, so that is why many people chose this product to protect their stormwater. The development of the drain warden itself is made from 100% best quality material from polypropylene Geotextile fabric and a highly absorbent sock. It will make this device quickly absorbs Hydrocarbons, Silt Oil, Trash, and other pollutants as the water freely passes through. Also, the drain warden Installation is straightforward and is a practical solution for worksites, car parks, and shopping centers. Even this product has so many functions, and you also can get this product at an affordable price in the market.

When you want to install this product, you first need to learn from experience manufacturers. As one of the drain warden manufacturers, Urban Plastic can give you the best way to learn how drain warden installation. It would be best to prepare some tools to make the installation process easier and more efficient. Place safety cones on the road where you want to install this product. Then you need to fill the drain warden into the drain Filter with material such as sand or gravel and cable tie each end. Next, clean debris around the stormwater drain opening, and once opened or removed, clean inside the drain pit to avoid damage and impede filter performance.

After all that is done, insert the drain warden installation in the drain pit, ensure the gutter guard runs in front of the drain curb, and open snuggly. Then it will act as a barrier to the entry point of the stormwater. Water flow will be directed into the drain and filtered through the drain warden. And then, you need to attach the white Bilge sock to the drain warden, so it becomes suspended into the filter basin to absorb any hydrocarbons and oils entering the drain inlet. If you want the best drain warden to work on your place, but the Velcro tabs to the grate to provide extra support and ease for cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance after the Drain warden Installation

After you succeed in the drain warden installation, this drain warden needs to know how to maintain this product so it will place longer on your stormwater. This product will trim excess skirt filter fabric flush with the grate to avoid a tripping hazard. So it will work harder, especially in high rainfall intensity. Drain warden is recommended to be inspected after significant storm events that result in increased water discharge. When the inspection, you have to remove silt and debris captured in the filter and clear and other debris from around the external drain opening. Don’t forget to replace the drain warden on a routine basis.

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