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Pirtek Drain Warden is already a known product from Australia to produce many geotextile products to help protect stormwater drainage. One of the best qualities products is drain warden, which is semi permanent installation into stormwater to catch basins and assist in removing oil sediment, silt, rubbish, and many more. This product is a replaceable polypropylene absorbent sock that captures contaminants while allowing water to pass through. It is ideal for use in many places such as parking cars, vehicle storage, service areas, construction areas, and industrial plants. We produce the same quality product as Pirtek at a cheaper price, Drain Warden by Urban Plastic.

What is Pirtek Drain Warden?

The Pirtek drain warden filter insert is a simple product designed to fit most drain catch basins because it is available in many sizes. Also, this drain warden can be held in place by the metal grate and will sit perfectly. The product is effectively removed coarse sediments, oil, grease, litter, and debris from stormwater. Many people use this product because it is ideal in parking lots which tend to be sources of water pollution. Drip oil and grease from the vehicle will easily absorb by the pillow in drain warden product spill by car trucks, storage, industrial plants area, service car areas, and so on.

This is why the drain warden is perfect in workshops where contractual or design considerations prevent structural alteration of existing drainage facilities. Then the drain warden is effective as a guard in case of emergency broken or spills, capturing the oil or contaminants while allowing emergency spill response teams to activate. Pirtek drain warden is made from the best polypropylene fabric and organic absorbent sock, so it will work decently to protect the stormwater drainage. This product is available in three options: drain warden 1.2 x 1.2 msq 600mm basin, 2.4 x 1.2 msq 600mm basin, and replacement polypropylene bilge.

The benefit of using Pirtek drain warden

The benefit of using this product is filtering contaminants out of the stormwater systems. When the dirty particle contaminants carry by the water stream into drainage systems, this product has a system to end up this part in natural bodies of water. So you will not have to face a more significant problem and lead to expensive maintenance at hand. This is why people use this product in many countries with high intensity rainfall as a preventative. This way more effectively removes the coarse residues, debris, and oil spills pollutant. This Pirtek drain warden also comes in relatively cheap, so you do not need to spend too much time applying this product.

Moreover, if you want to install this Pirtek Drain warden, you can get cheaper and the same quality product from Drain Warden by Urban Plastic. The installation of this product is also easy and only need to be situated in the pit beneath the drain grate. But it would help if you had a great that holds this product in place perfectly to work well in stormwater drains. Then, you need to place the pillow of this product to capture hydrocarbons like oil spills. If you need further assistance with this drain warden product from Urban Plastic, you can ask our customer service to get guidance.

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