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Trash bag, also known as garbage bag, bin bags, dustbin bags, rubbish bags, waste disposal bags, plastic bin bags, bin liners, waste liners, and can liners.

Garbage bag can be used for a variety of purposes.  You can use it in your kitchen, office, warehouse, also in industries, hotels, or Hospitals.  Trash bags can be made from different materials that are commercially viable.  We have various sizes and feel free to contact our marketing  team.

  • Dimension = from 60 cm to 120 cm in width 
  • Thickness = from 20 micron to 60 micron.
  • Materials =Recycled HDPE and LLDPE
  • Use For = Industry, hotels, house, hospitals and restaurants.

There are many types of waste that humans produce every day. By producing more than 1 ton of waste annually, everyone can have a negative impact on the environment from waste as a result of their activities. Types of waste can be classified based on their shape, character, and source. For the first classification, humans must produce solid and liquid waste. And this type of waste can be organic, inorganic, or even toxic (B3). When viewed from the source, waste can come from industrial waste, consumption waste, and even mining process, where each type of garbage requires a different garbage bag.

Why Do We Use Garbage Bags?

We use garbage bags because humans always produce waste that can’t be recycled. Consumption waste such as leftover, food packaging, polystyrene, tissue, plastic, and used goods need to be disposed of in a garbage bag. This is very important so that the impact of this type of waste can be reduced and not harmful to the environment. In a waste disposal management system, garbage bags that are always black are also a sign that the contents inside can’t be recycled so that they can’t be mixed with other types of recycled waste. It is crucial because you don’t want to mix two different things, especially when it is a dangerous waste.

As we explained above, waste has several types that are distinguished by form, character, and source. We need to know that each type of waste must be disposed of in an appropriate way. We shouldn’t underestimate the disposal process because some types of waste, such as B3, require strict procedures so as to prevent environmental pollution. In this case, we need garbage bags because this plastic waste will ensure certain types of waste will not have a bad impact on the environment. This is very important because we must not ignore the waste that we generate every day.

In some countries, local authorities mandate people to use garbage bags as part of the waste disposal process. They think that using black garbage bags will make waste better managed. This media is also suitable for those who produce large amounts of daily waste. If you don’t have enough space for the trash, then garbage bag will be an additional option that will solve this problem. You are unlikely to leave trash on the side of the road as this will make the area look dirty and you could be penalized for this. The authority has clear ideas that the garbage bag will ensure that each house has reliable container to store their daily waste.

In addition, the plastic bags will also ensure that your solid waste is in the right place so it doesn’t create bad odors. Garbage bags are also useful for those who live in apartments, areas where there is no yard for trash cans. Using garbage bag will not take up a lot of space, so this method is more practical and effective. We suggest using Urban Plastic Garbage Bag to ensure the trash contained in the proper way.

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