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The benefits of Indonesian Smooth Geomembrane are indeed felt by various circles of society. The characteristics of this material make it suitable for various applications, especially those related to coatings. Indonesian Smooth Geomembrane is a geosynthetic material which is divided into two based on its constituent materials. Specifically, high density polyethylene or HDPE and low density polyethylene or LDPE. Both have different functions and uses because their nature is also different. LDPE geomembrane is weaker and easily damaged. Therefore, HDPE geomembrane is better known for its wider use than LDPE. HDPE geomembrane is a water-resistant tip sheet. In fact, the material is resistant to various chemicals, wastes, and microorganisms. The characteristics of HDPE geomembrane are also very strong and not easily damaged.

Sell Geomembrane
Sell Geomembrane

What are the Benefits of Indonesian Smooth Geomembrane in Various Aspects?

With its excellent characteristics, it is not surprising that the Indonesian Smooth Geomembrane is very useful in various aspects. Not only in big projects, geomembrane is also very useful for people’s businesses. The price is affordable, of course very profitable for its users. Although prone to leakage, it is very easy to handle with a simple method. The following is complete information about the benefits of geomembrane from various aspects of life:

  • Road Construction Separator and Stabilization

In the road construction process, a layer is needed that is useful as a separator and stabilization between the soil layer and the top aggregate. Geomembrane is one of the best choices. Especially in damp and waterlogged construction areas. The impermeable nature of the geomembrane will separate the wet soil from the road foundation aggregate. Thus, the road becomes more stable and sturdy. In addition, HDPE geomembrane has a strong resistance, so it will provide a longer defense. Thus, the road that is built will be more durable.

  • Waste Pool Coating

In the waste pond, it should be covered with plastic so that the waste is not absorbed into the ground. This is because it will pollute the surrounding soil and contradict the principles of good waste management. As previously discussed, HDPE geomembrane has high resistance to chemical liquids. So it will not be easily damaged even if exposed to harmful chemicals.

  • Aquaculture Pond Water Container

In fish farming in ponds, one of the problems often experienced by farmers is the tides of sea water. Farmers must pay extra attention so that the volume of water remains stable for the survival of their fish. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do without a water reservoir. Therefore, currently many fish farmers use HDPE geomembrane as their water reservoir, so they are not affected by the tides.

  • Artificial Lake Making

The benefit of the next geomembrane is that it is used for the manufacture of lakes. In contrast to natural lakes that have been formed by nature with complete ecosystems, artificial lakes are the work of humans. Thus, creating various risks of pollution is very likely to occur. This pollution comes from harmful soil bacteria to the lake water. Because, usually the lake is used as a large-scale water reservoir. This water will be used by the community for their daily needs. Geomembrane is useful for preventing harmful microorganisms from entering lake water.

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