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The installation method of Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Sheet for ponds has certain stages. This stage should not be ignored because it will affect the final result obtained. If the installation is not correct, then the results are not optimal.

Geomembrane is a sheet that is waterproof and is commonly used as a storage coating for various kinds of liquids. The forming material used is high density polyethylene (HDPE). Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Sheet is usually used for coating waste ponds, fish ponds, salting, drainage channels, and many others.

In fact, this material is the main choice as a waterproof coating. The advantages possessed by HDPE geomembranes are anti-UV, chemicals, and microorganisms. So, it is often used as a coating on chemical waste collection ponds from the lab or industry. In addition, the material is also very economical, effective, has a strong structure, is durable, and most importantly the installation process is easy and fast. For more information, see the following.

Easy Installation Method of Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Sheet

In the process of installing this coating material, there are important steps that cannot be separated. Namely preparation, installing and connecting, as well as the stage of testing the results. Here is the explanation: The preparation stage is the initial stage carried out so that the next process is easier.

The following is the preparatory stage in the geomembrane installation process: First, compact the soil to be coated with the geomembrane. If it is too soft, it must be compacted by adding soil with a denser consistency. Make sure the surface of the soil to be coated is smooth, free of debris, sharp gravel, foreign material and other objects.

This is because these objects can cause leaks in the geomembrane due to tearing. Making a useful anchor trench so that the size of the pond is in accordance with the plan. Prepare all the necessary tools, such as welding, to be ready for use. Stages of Installing and Connecting. This stage is the process of coating the surface of the pond or project using Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Sheet and connecting the sheets between layers. In this process, make sure it is done carefully because it will affect the final result.

The following are the steps: Before installing, make sure the environmental and weather conditions are favorable. If in the middle of the installation process it rains or the temperature drops in an extreme way, it must be stopped.

Spread the geomembrane on the surface of the pond or project. Avoid wrinkles or overstretched surfaces. Laying must be done carefully to avoid damage. Laying is done from above by following the wind direction.

The material that has been installed is given a sand bag at the ends so it doesn’t get carried away by the wind. Make sure in the HDPE geomembrane installation method, the overlapping parts are parallel and there are no wrinkles. The goal is to make the installation process easier and neater. Perform the welding process on each overlapping part of the joint.

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