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Indonesia composite geomembrane is used in a channel anti-seepage project. We often use geosynthetics in civil engineering, especially in emergency rescue projects and flood control. Besides that, it also plays an essential role in anti-seepage, drainage, reverse filtration, protection, and reinforcement. At least, a composite geomembrane consists of 2 geosynthetic products. They are a geomembrane and geotextile. We all know that this combination allows us to reduce the manipulations & the required time for a multilayer system installation. Besides that, that also makes it possible to get a geomembrane with specific properties. Now, let’s discuss it further in this article!

 We can define a composite geomembrane as an impermeable material that consists of geomembrane liners and geotextile. We use it for anti-seepage. Simply, we divide it into one geomembrane and one geotextile as well as 2 geomembranes and 2 geotextiles. Then, it is important to know that the indicators of a high physical & mechanical performance like bursting, tear resistance, tensile strength, etc. can meet civil engineering needs such as tunnel, subway, transportation, construction, municipal, water conservancy, etc. For your information, its production process adds anti-aging agents and polymer materials. So, you can use it in an unconventional temperature environment.

Sell Geomembrane
Sell Geomembrane

Indonesia Composite Geomembrane Properties

We can also call the composite geomembrane a composite anti-seepage geomembrane. And, we should divide it into one geomembrane & one geotextile and one geomembrane & 2 geotextiles. You need to know that its width is 4 to 6 m. Then, it weighs 200 to 1500 g per square meter. In relation to the indicators of the physical & mechanical performance, Indonesia composite geomembrane comes with the characteristics of good anti-seepage performance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, acid & alkali resistance, large deformation modulus, good elongation, and high strength. Therefore, it will be able to meet the needs of civil engineering. We often use it for anti-fouling treatment of waste yards and anti-seepage treatment of drainage ditches & dams.

Specifications of Indonesia Composite Geomembrane

Generally, there are 4 options of composite geomembrane you need to know. Now, let’s see the specifications of each! The first is 1 geotextile & 1 geomembrane that comes with geotextile 100 – 1000 g / m2 and geomembrane thickness 0.1 – 1.5 mm. The second is 2 geotextiles & 1 geomembrane that comes with geotextile 80 – 600 g / m2 and geomembrane thickness 0.2 – 1.5 mm. The third is 1 geotextile & 2 geomembranes that come with geotextile 100 – 1000 g / m2. The last is many geotextiles & many geomembranes with geotextile 100 – 1000 g / m2 and geomembrane thickness 0.1 – 0.8 mm.

The Features of Indonesia Composite Geomembrane

At least, an Indonesia composite geomembrane offers 4 main features. First, it comes with high puncture resistance & high friction coefficient. Besides that, it offers good aging resistance as it can adapt to various ambient temperatures. In addition, it has a perfect anti-drainage performance. One more thing, you can apply it to different projects such as garbage disposal, tunnel, subway, transportation, construction, chemical industry, and water conservancy. With the production technology improvement, there’s a casting method for doing composite geomembrane technology. The forms may vary such as a cloth a film, 2 film a cloth, 2 cloth a film, etc.

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