Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Liner is a layer made of plastic and has many uses in civil engineering work related to water reservoirs. Examples of general use as a base for a pond or pond. This type of HDPE geomembrane has differences with LDPE. Although the definition is almost the same, it turns out that both have different functions. Furthermore, this HDPE geomembrane is the most commonly found material in the Indonesian market. In addition, the thickness of this material ranges from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. In fact, sometimes there are also non-woven shops that provide larger thicknesses based on consumer needs.

This type of HDPE has superior features that are rarely known by people. Some of its best features include: heat resistance up to 97c, anti-corrosion, ultraviolet resistance, and a long life because it can be used for up to 15 years. The uses of Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Liner as a tarpaulin replacement material. Of course, an installation can certainly be built using a variety of materials. For example, in the installation of a pool that can use a tarp as a base. However, there are many studies that prove that the use of these materials still has several weaknesses, such as:

  1. Not Leak Prone

The use of tarpaulin as a pond installation material, of course, you will be required to prepare the land with a surface that really must be flat. Because if you choose land that has a sharp angle, it can make the pool from the tarpaulin leak quickly. To overcome this, you can just replace it with an HDPE geomembrane which is made to withstand punctures from the ground or at an acute angle. So you don’t have to worry about leaks in the artificial pond anymore.

  1. Not Easily Weathered

Fish cultivators who use tarpaulin as a pond material, of course, already understand that this material will experience weathering more quickly, especially if it is frequently exposed to rainwater. As a result, the tarpaulin will be easily damaged in a short time. It’s different if you use this HDPE geomembrane. There are many claims that prove that the material has good resistance to water. So the weathering problem can be solved easily just by changing the tarpaulin to the geomembrane.

  1. Durable

On average, the age of a pool made of tarpaulin material can only reach 2 years. Of course, this cannot be expected if you want a durable water storage installation. However, by changing the tarpaulin to geomembrane, your pond can last longer, even up to 15 years. Benefits of Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Liner Use. You don’t need to hesitate to use HDPE geomembrane material for your needs, because as you can understand below, the benefits of using geomembrane are many:

  • Has a high resistance if it is in high temperatures (hot) or extreme
  • Has a fairly high resistance to ultraviolet
  • The level of impermeability that is also claimed to be good
  • Can withstand high resistance due to chemicals
  • Has an elongation that is not small
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Very economical and effective price

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