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Indonesia HDPE geomembrane HS code is a classification for Indonesia HDPE geomembrane products. You will need this code for your product when you export it. In the industry classification system, you commonly use the Harmonized System (HS) throughout the process of export for goods. It is a standardized numerical method to classify traded products. Customs authorities in the world use it to identify products when they assess duties & taxes. Besides that, they use it for gathering statistics, too. For your information, the World Customs Organization (WCO) administers the HS. In addition, they also always update it every 5 years.

The HS code serves as the foundation for export and import classification systems. The HS offers specific 6-digit codes for different classifications & commodities. Then, countries can add longer codes to the first 6 digits for further classifications. So, we can say that the HDPE geomembrane from Indonesia has its own HS code. In the process of export & import, HS code eases us to classify the product. One of the top product categories of HDPE geomembrane in Indonesia is HSN Code 39201090. Besides that, there is also HSN Code 39201019 for sheets of polyethylene: other. Another one is HSN Code 39201011 for sheets of polyethylene: rigid plain.

Sell Geomembrane
Sell Geomembrane

Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane HS Code and Its Benefits

We all know that HDPE geomembrane liner is well-resistant to UV. Besides that, it functions very well even in cold temperatures. Then, it is also very stiff and strong. However, its most desirable characteristic is its superior resistance to various chemicals. With its low price & the fact that many sheets you can join with a welding machine, it belongs to the most popular types of geomembrane worldwide. After knowing Indonesia HDPE geomembrane HS code, you also need to know that people usually use it for chemical containment projects and landfills. However, it is safe & suits fish ponds very well.

 In addition, it is also really durable. You must know that its life may last up to 50 years when being covered. The problem is that it is far from perfect. In fact, it is heavy and stiff. Moreover, it is also expensive enough to ship. You also cannot customize or assemble it in a factory. Instead, you will need to pay extra costs to install on-site. These expenses make it most effective for bigger projects. The lack of its flexibility can even make installation much more difficult. So, you have to be careful when you install it on the rough subgrade.

 You should know that the material is vulnerable to punctures as well as surface scratches so that it can crack over time. When it comes to Indonesia HDPE geomembrane HS code, it relates to the shipment information of HDPE geomembrane import. You can see the latest data here. HS Code: 39201090 is for HDPE geomembrane 0.75 mm thickness. Then, HS Code: 39201090 is for HDPE geomembrane 1.0 mm thickness. The next is HS Code: 39201090 for HDPE Geomembrane 0.35 mm thickness. It’s true that it seems difficult to understand these codes. Hopefully, this will be useful for you all.

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