Geofabric Australia Factory in Indonesia has the largest regional footprint of any geosynthetic supplier in Australasia. We have branches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. In Australia we have branches in each state as well as offices in strategic regional centres along the east coast managed by Geofabrics employees themselves.

In New Zealand we have offices throughout the Northern and Southern Isles. This means that our Geofabric Australia product market is currently in Australia and New Zealand can ship products where you need them, when you need them while providing local expertise to support your project

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Some Quality Products from Geofabric Australia Factory in Indonesia

  • Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is a flexible fabric impregnated with concrete that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water- and fire-resistant concrete layer. This is real concrete on the rolls. This new material category is known as GCCM (geosynthetic composite cementitious mats) and must meet astm D8364 standard.

GCCM Concrete Canvas allows concrete construction without the need for a plant or mixing equipment. Just open and position the Concrete Canvas and add water (all types of water including seawater). Concrete canvas does not affect the pH of waste. Concrete canvas is widely used as an inexpensive alternative to non-structural shotcrete.

  • bidim C Range nonwoven geotextile

bidim C Range nonwoven geotextile is the world’s first commercial conductive geotextile. It provides designers and installers of stockpiling systems, tailings dams, and reservoirs in a cost-effective and low-cost manner to conduct liner integrity studies in newly built containment cells.

It is designed to provide reliable leak detection of the pin liner hole. With a diameter of up to 1 mm. The C Range nonwoven geotextile provides designers and installers of coating systems with effective and low-cost means to conduct liner integrity studies in newly constructed containment cells.

  • EnduraSeal

EnduraSeal is a geocomposite coating designed for use in synthetic turf sports fields to protect synthetic turf systems from fluctuations in soil moisture that can cause differentials. EnduraSeal consists of 250um or 500um LLDPE geomembrane layers between two vidim nonwoven geotextile layers leading at the Geofabric Australia Factory in Indonesia.

Vidim provides bearings on LLDPE geomembranes and protects them from angular substrates and aggregate damage. Enduraceals are easy to install using the Geofabrics glue lamination system. There is no need for complex wedge welding on site by professional coating installers.

  • TenCate Miragrid

TenCate Miragrid is a geogrid made from high modulus polyester threads to ensure the long-term structural stability of the reinforced soil structure and to withstand the pressure of the soil layer of the geomembrane layer on the slope side of the landfill. Used as a reinforcement of mitigation veneers. The TenCate Miragrid geogrid can withstand very high loads due to low creep and high modulus raw materials. The relatively low reduction factor of the product has been verified and certified by independent research and testing institutes.

The TenCate Miragrid geogrid can be used for a variety of fillers, from clay to sand to fine-graded aggregates with a maximum particle size of 65 mm. Extensive testing with this type of filling allows the TenCate Miragrid geogrid to be used to strengthen soil heaps, soil slopes, reclamation coatings, supports and retaining walls.

Final Words

To assist engineers in the manufacture of the above products, our team of Geofabrics engineering specialists can provide technical advice on the use of the software, as well as offer in-house training and seminars. Our team from geofabric australia factory in indonesia also provides on-site installation training as well as guides and diagrams to assist contractors and maintenance personnel.

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