Geofabric Factory in Indonesia – Geofabric is one of the materials that are widely used by contractors to prepare for construction such as roads and several other construction projects. Although the name of this material is very popular, not everyone knows what geofabric nonwoven is and what it does, so we need to know more about its uses, functions, etc. As we know, Indonesia is a country with a hot and rainy climate, so we need a very strong and durable material to withstand extreme weather. It should not be surprising that the use of this material is of great importance in the process of development projects. The demand for high-quality materials even in Indonesia is quite high.

The definition of this material is often referred to as a filter fabric, one type of non woven geofabric that is not woven. There are actually two types of geofabric that need to be known. The first is a type of fabric called “geofabric” and the type of non-woven fabric we are discussing is “geofabric non-woven”, there is also the same. The basic material for making geofabric comes from polymeric materials, abbreviated as PET, or just from other materials such as polypropylene and also PP. Geofabric Factory in Indonesia produces high quality geofabric for a variety of technical purposes. Our Geofabrics product market is currently in Australia and New Zealand

Sell Geofabric
Sell Geofabric

Function of Geofabric from Geofabric Factory in Indonesia

Most people don’t know for sure what the function of this powerful material is. They only know its form and properties, but they haven’t seen its own function. Geofabric from our Geofabric Factory in Indonesia has other features that facilitate the compaction process, so it is certainly suitable for providing pavement on uneven soil contours. Serves as a separator intended to prevent the mixing of a layer of one material with other materials of soil. There is no such thing as pollution, as we know that the term pollution itself means something more negative or undesirable to mix with other ingredients or ingredients.

Price Of Geofabric Fabrics And Sheets from Geofabric Factory in Indonesia

As you know, there are several types of geofabric from Geofabric Factory in Indonesia, and of course their shape varies. Therefore, the price also varies depending on the type and type of geofabric you choose. For the price itself, it can be seen that the price of non-woven geofabric is higher than other materials. Price is not the only difference. However, prices are usually also distinguished based on the type of non woven fabric used. Pricing for these geofabrics is generally based on size per roll, usually made with a size of 4 x 100 meters, and the price is calculated in a format per square meter.

Sell Geofabric
Sell Geofabric

Geofabric Factory in Indonesia producing a wide variety of types of geofabrics of various types, and can be adapted to its technical needs. More cost-effective than other types of materials, especially to get a much more capable function as: Prevents the mixing of uncooled material, between soil and water, has better tensile strength than other materials and cheaper installation prices and materials. Thus, if you are interested in this product then please contact us to get the appropriate geofabric for your industry or business.

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