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A needle punch non-woven factory in Indonesia is going to prepare the design of non-woven fabrics before the construction starts. After determining the design, the construction of needle-punching non-woven fabric will start with loose fibers in large bales. Some types of fibers used to make the fabrics can be nylon, polyester, fiberglass, and rayon. Some other organic fibers can be used as well, such as alpaca, cotton, and wool. The fiber bales will go into bale breakers, machines that are going to break the fibers of compact bale apart so that engineers can process the fibers much more easily.

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Sell Geotextile

The Production Process of Needle Punch Non-Woven Fabrics

So many non-woven fabrics involve mixing various fiber types together so that engineers can get the outcome they desire. The mixing process is done by weighing the fiber carefully. The fiber comes from bale breakers and will go to the next steps which include blending and also carding. The processes will achieve the right percentage of the blend. The process of fiber breaking up and fiber mixing will be done during the carding process. This process will work by feeding the loose fiber beds into the big wired rollers. And then the wire will work to separate every single strand of the fiber.

The wires will also mix and blend the entire composition together and then orient the fiber so that they will go in a single direction. Then, the fiber is going to exit the machine of carding in a web form. The webbing looks like fake spider webs and has the same consistency as cotton candies. The fiber will look like fabrics but also similar to cotton candy. This fiber still has super little strength. And then the webbing will be placed on the conveyor belt. It is going to carry the web to the cross lapper. The cross lapper will fold the webbing’s thin layer over itself.

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Next Process in Needle Punch Non-Woven Factory In Indonesia

The cross lapper is going to provide thickness and weight to the finished fiber. The layers’ number is depending on the target weight and thickness of the finished product. From the lapper, the webbing layers are going to enter the needle loom where the needle punch process starts working. The needle loom is the precise machine that has barbed needles on the board of needles. The needles are going to pierce the fiber’s layered web. The boards will punch the fibers between 600 and 2,000 punches per minute. The repeated needle punching will entangle the fibers together and create a stronger bond.

And then the fibers will enter the end of the needle punching process. Some parts of the fibers are going to get finishing treatments in different ways like adding more layers or extra needling to build heat treating, density, laminating, singeing, and calendaring. Some fabrics are also combined into composite layers with rubber, foam, or any other material. No matter what product you desire, make sure that you visit the best needle punch non-woven factory in Indonesia. We are going to give you quality products with the needle punching technique. Compare our products with the ones from the other factories. You are going to see how outstanding our non-woven fabrics are.

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