As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce biodegradable bags that are made from cassava, which is a cheap and common root vegetable from across Indonesia. The main raw materials for our Cassava bag are Ecoplas Resin, which is also produced by Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter,  made of grafted cassava starch integrated with polyethylene polymer which forms a new molecular structure bioplastic that is easily biodegradable and is no longer plastic.

Our Cassava Bag are certified and therefore biodegradable, compostable, harmless to animals and plants, and will not cause damage to marine life and waterways.

Our cassava bags can be made into:

  • T Shirt Bag
  • Soft Loop Bag
  • Die Cut Bag
  • Garbage Bag

As we know that environmental issues are now starting to be discussed by the world community. The rise of global warming has made ecopreneurs or green industries a business opportunity that has quite an attractive selling value in the eyes of its consumers. Now everyone is starting to care about global warming and avoid products that are not environmentally friendly, so it is only natural that currently environmentally friendly products have high competitiveness and are in demand by local and international markets. And one of the latest breakthroughs that can be said quite successfully created by Indonesia Cassava Bag Manufacturer and Exporter is the cassava bag. Interestingly, this new innovation can also be one of the best solutions to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.

The Best Indonesia Cassava Bag Manufacturer and Exporter

Cassava bag is an environmentally friendly bag made from a blend of cassava flour with vegetable oil. If plastic bags are generally biodegradable after 100-500 years, then cassava bags can decompose faster and don’t need to take years. This bag will decompose with the soil within 2-6 months naturally. The more fertile the soil, the faster the bag will decompose.

The content of cassava flour in the cassava bag is able to encourage soil microorganisms to break down the plastic waste until it is destroyed, so it does not cause pollution to the soil, water, or air as caused by ordinary plastic bags. The advantages offered by the best Indonesia Cassava Bag Manufacturer and Exporter are quite successful in attracting the attention of consumers from various regions. As we mentioned above that at the end of its life cycle, cassava bag can be used as soil or plant compost which will later be very useful for increasing the soil’s ability to absorb water and fertilize plants.

Cassava bag can also be degraded naturally in nature, because what is needed here is only micro-organisms and macro-organisms, such as in the soil or in landfills in general. This bag will return to nature perfectly in the form of CO2, H2O, and compost, without having to leave harmful residues. Moreover, this bag can also be recycled with paper products or other plant-based materials. Because this cassava bag does not contain plastic elements, so it will not produce microplastics or plastic particles smaller than 1mm in the degradation process. That way, the end result will not contaminate the food chain in living things. If the cassava bag floats in the sea, there is no need to worry because it is safe for marine animals to eat. Our Indonesia Cassava Bag Manufacturer and Exporter also consider the density level of this bag is also very high, so it is odorless.

By utilizing cassava as the main ingredient, Indonesia Cassava Bag Manufacturer and Exporter is not only helping to protect the world’s environment, but also providing opportunities for cassava farmers to earn a more decent income. You can use this cassava bag as a shopping bag, garbage bag, animal waste disposal bag, and so on. Grab it fast!