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These days, dealing with a reliable company like Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter can be an excellent choice for quality products. Using water storage is a way to make a more sustainable water source.

When you design a new modular home, there is a unique chance to decide on features that will impactfully reduce your family’s environmental footprint. From the position of the window, the orientation of the home, and more.

There are some small but essential considerations that will affect energy usage and the environment. A feature that is impactful in terms of water usage is quality storage.

However, you may wonder is this investment worthy? Here is a useful guide on how to decide the right water storage for your beloved home.

Modular tank
Modular tank

Indonesia Modular Rainwater Tank Manufacturer and Exporter, What Is A Modular Tank?

A modular tank system is a storage tank to collect rainwater. It is a subsurface infiltration storage and hence, it is also named the modular rainwater harvesting, underground tank, sub-soil drainage, or storage system in the market.

It is cost-effective, ecologically sustainable, and efficient. Its main function is to prevent surface runoff and allow natural water infiltration. This system works best for rainwater harvesting and management in the flat ground area.

Moreover, it has unique benefits. It can be used in traffic-permeable areas due to its high compressive strength, low transportation and storage costs, meets all volume requirements, and maximizes installation and stability with its interlock system.

It is also less expensive than other systems such as metal or concrete. Additionally, there is no danger of surface water storage and the best services from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Need

If you are required or do decide to install a good rainwater storage, you may confuse about how to choose the right one. Some factors are worth considering to guide toward the best result.

1.   Size and type

This is important to get the right size from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter and it is better to choose a little larger than what is actually needed. You can use some online tools like a rainwater catchment calculator.

This will help to determine the best size based on your average annual rainfall and roof area in your location. Also, think about the type.

Do you want to choose steel, concrete, or poly? It is better to do research to find the right fit. As Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter have various products, do not forget to consider the shape.

2.   Water filtration

This factor is especially important once you want to drink the water as there might be bacteria from the roof. In order to meet your needs, there are some different filters you can choose.

3.   Economics

If your only consideration is about cost, it may be not worthwhile since the upfront and ongoing costs. However, in the long term, you will discover that the water bill is no longer expensive.

Nowadays, no matter where you lived, it is easy to get the best product from a reliable supplier. We are BaliGEOTEX, your geosynthetic solution, and the best Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter.

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