Mulch Plastic

Product details:

As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce Plastic Mulch that is made from 100% Non-Recycle Polyethylene Plastic Material, therefore it is strong, flexible, durable and resist to tearing.

Our Mulch Plastic comes in two basic types: Black Polyethylene and Silver Polyethylene Film. Black film is used to retard weed growth, retain moisture, and heat up the soil, whereas the silver film does not suppress weed growth, but it is also used to raise the soil temperature.
Therefore the Silver part is usually put on top of the soil, whereas the Black part is put beneath.

Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter produces Plastic Mulch that is equipped with Anti UV, therefore this product can last for 2 (two) years from excessive sun exposure. Mulch Plastic is an effective way of insulating and protecting delicate plant root systems against harsh weather conditions. It works as a barrier that improves the soil’s nutrient profile. Mulching also reduces erosion while enhancing the soil’s ability to hold more moisture.

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