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Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a plastic material that is lightweight, flexible, and soft. People love it because of its corrosion resistance, toughness, and the flexibility of low temperature. You need to know that this material is not suitable for applications that require structural strength, high-temperature resistance, and stiffness. Often, people use it for prosthetics and orthotics. Besides that, LDPE offers good impact and is resistant to chemicals. Even more, fabricating and forming LDPE is easier. So, it is important to know about the reputable LDPE plastic factory in Indonesia.

The Properties & Materials of LDPE Plastic

LDPE Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter

Talking about properties & materials, you need to know that LDPE plastics come in different options.

LDPE Sheet Stress Relieved

It offers the stability of dimension & better machinability on LDPE plastics.

FDA Compliant LDPE

It means, LDPE comes in FDA compliant grades.

LDPE Sheet for O&P

Here, LDPE is more flexible compared to copoly PP, polypro, and HDPE. So, it is perfect for flexible socket interfaces, some splints, and pediatric AFOs.


Because of this property or material, LDPE less stiff than modified polyethylene but more flexible than copoly PP. Manufacturers use this unique material in applications with too stiff copoly and stiff modified polyethylene. Besides that, it has the ability to measure the thickness of material so that it can lighten an orthosis.

Modified LDPE Sheet for O&P

Last, it is stiffer enough than LDPE. However, it is more flexible than copoly PP< polypro, or HDPE. You need to know that it is best for applications requiring light support & flexibility.

Reputable LDPE Plastic Factory in Indonesia

LDPE Plastic

Before discussing the LDPE plastic factory in Indonesia further, you need to know that LDPE is a thermoplastic. It means, its shape can change when exposed to heat. Then, it will repeatedly change back again. Of course, this happens without losing the overall structure and strength. In addition, LDPE is also semi-crystalline. Basically, this material comes with a molecular structure less compact than HDPE. It means, LDPE offers a higher flexibility, lower strength of tensile, and lower density.

Because of that, LDPE will be useful for many applications. In conclusion, LDPE plastic is a kind of high-quality material with different characteristics as well as levels of strength. However, you can trace many of them back to its versatile, flexible, and soft nature. Today, you can easily find common examples of products from LDPE. They include plastic bags, toys, lids, squeezable bottles, etc. Of course, there are still many other products from LDPE material we often meet every day.

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