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Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer that is not only recyclable but also transparent, odorless, and flexible. Many products use LDPE such as clip wrap, juice containers, garbage bags, grocery bags, etc. Since it is corrosion-resistant, tough, and flexible, LDPE becomes a great option for engineering applications. If you need this recyclable thermoplastic, you need to find the best Indonesia LDPE plastic manufacturer and exporter. You are on the right page because this article will discuss it further.

It is important to know that this thermoplastic polymer is from petroleum consisting of monomers, ethylene molecules’ long chain. Then, its properties vary. It depends on the methods of manufacturing. In relation to polyethylene, LDPE’s unique properties make it flexible and ductile, thanks to its low crystallinity. So, it is very different from to more linear varieties such as LLDPE and HDPE.

The Make of LDPE Plastic

LDPE Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter

The make of LDPE is through free radical polymerization process. For your information, it requires heat as well as a lot of pressure. That’s why the manufacturer usually conducts it in a tubular reactor or autoclave. The process starts by gathering raw materials that come from petroleum where the factory breaks the hydrocarbons down into small molecules. Then, they separate the gas of ethylene from the mixture of the result. After that, they pump the gas into the reactor. There, it bakes with an initiator to start polymerization. Next, they form and extrude the forms of polyethylene into granules with unreacted gas. That’s how an Indonesia LDPE plastic manufacturer and exporter makes LDPE plastic.

After the manufacturer extrudes it, they may package or process LDPE granules further. Through various processes of fabrication, they use these granules to create some products such as extrusion, film making, vacuum casting, thermoforming, blow molding, and injection molding. The manufacturer uses these methods to produce various products of LDPE.

The Properties of LDPE

Some notable LDPE’s properties include the corrosion resistance and high flexibility, especially at low temperatures. Besides that, it is also strong to its density, explaining why the manufacturer widespread uses it in the small container production. Then, some key properties include chemical/corrosion resistance, toughness, the flexibility of low temperature, and more branched in molecular structures.

Indonesia LDPE Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter and the Applications of LDPE

LDPE Plastic

LDPE has interesting properties, making it ideal for applications in waterproof packaging, food-safe bagging, etc. And, LDPE is able to hold high loads, thanks to its characteristics. In addition, LDPE is also recyclable and low cost, making it a great choice for various applications with high production volume such as laminates, ice cream lids, prosthetics, tubing, trays, etc.

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