Plastic mulch is a product made from fully non-Recycle Polyethylene plastic material; therefore, it is strong, flexible, durable, and resistant to tearing. Many people still do not know about this product and its capability in personal use or for more industrial farms and many more. The plastic mulch itself is made of ORI LDPE material, which is flexible and not easily torn. In addition, this product is also coated with UV content to maintain good plastic quality for up to one or two years on the ground. Plastic mulch by Urban Plastic brand mulch is a characteristic shared by almost all types of non-organic mulch.

In general, mulch is divided into two, namely organic mulch made from natural materials that can be found in nature, and non-organic mulch, namely mulch made from synthetic materials such as plastic. This non-organic mulch is also known as plastic mulch. Plastic mulch is one type of plastic that is very important in agriculture and plantations. This is because it is a plastic sheet used to cover cultivated plant land, which aims to protect the soil surface from erosion, maintain moisture and the structure of the soil itself, and inhibit weed growth. This product goes into inorganic plastic. This is because this plastic mulch by Urban Plastic is made of low-density polyethylene, which is produced through the polymerization process of ethylene under high pressure.

What is Plastic Mulch from Urban Plastic function?

This plastic mulch from the Urban Plastic brand is usually used for horticultural plants. Meanwhile, this plastic mulch is also suitable for use in the tropics for agriculture on chili, onion, tomato, cucumber, melon, strawberry, and flower cabbage plants. Compared to conventional cultivation, the use of mulch helps maintain soil moisture, reduce evapotranspiration, suppress grass development, reduce fertilizer loss due to evaporation, suppress pest development, increase sunlight intensity, and reduce surface water flow. It has several types that are distinguished by color. So you need to know each of these products to use it better and get all of its benefits.

The first type of plastic mulch is silver, black plastic mulch. Farmers often use the type of plastic mulch. Then silver color at the top provides benefits as a reflection of sunlight so that the photosynthesis process becomes more leveraged. Using this silver and black mulch plastic makes the plant conditions not moist, reducing disease and repelling nuisance insects such as thrips and aphids. Meanwhile, the black color placed at the bottom can absorb heat, so the temperature at the roots becomes warmer. Because of this warm temperature, it can make the seeds grow optimally. So, it will give more profit for the farmers because of time to grow and harvest.

The installation of thick plastic mulch by Urban Plastic can be done in various ways. This depends on the size of your cultivated land. If the cultivation area to be mulched is not too large, the installation technique is manual. The manual installation technique is the most commonly used method. Because, using this method, you don’t need any special procedures. For plastic mulch, the price is available at a reasonably affordable price. However, if you compare it with organic mulch, of course, this mulch has a sufficiently high price. This is due to the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

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