Plastic mulch layer from Urban Plastic – nowadays, many people use plastic mulch for industrial farms. This plastic mulch layer is available in various sizes depending on where you want to use it and its purpose. This product is widely used for industrial farming in planting horticulture plants such as watermelon, strawberry, melon, eggplant, chili, cucumber, and many more. Also, when growing this type of plant, you need to be fertile in the soil and maintain humidity in it. Besides that, this mulch has another function. Unlike organic mulch, which has a bigger pore, plastic is more impermeable. The plastic mulch covers crop fields better, and the product is more affordable.

Some many functions and benefits can be obtained from this plastic mulch layer by Urban Plastic. This product maintains soil moisture, preventing the soil from being exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, soil moisture can last longer to dry out quickly and lose moisture. That way, the condition of the plant roots will remain moist because there is still soil moisture left before watering again, and the plants can grow well. Besides maintaining soil moisture, it has the function as prevents it so that it doesn’t quickly disappear or evaporate.

What are the benefits of using a Plastic mulch layer?

Not many people know that plastic mulch has this function; the plastic mulch layer from Urban Plastic can also suppress the growth of grass weeds that usually grow around cultivated plants. Even for some people who think it is ineffective, this product can still do it. The grass that grows around these cultivated plants should not be underestimated because they will compete for resources with cultivated plants, ranging from water, nutrients, sunlight, and space to live. As a wild plant, grass has an extraordinary competitive ability and can affect crop yields. That is why if you don’t use this mulch, you have to cut the grass more often.

There are many advantages that can be obtained if you use plastic mulch layer by Urban Plastic brand. The first advantage is that it can save water. As previously described, the way to use plastic mulch is to spread it over the bed. Plastic has an impermeable characteristic or waterproof material. So, using this product as a bed cover is the same as holding back water on the surface and soil, so it doesn’t evaporate quickly. As a result, without frequent watering, the plants you plant can grow well because the soil moisture is maintained. Therefore, the use of mulch can be done in the dry season.

With some of these advantages, you can avoid the risk of experiencing losses because using a plastic mulch layer during the dry season can make you save more air. In other words, you don’t have to ask for water from other sources to start a field or paddy field. In terms of the use of fertilizers, heavy rain or the watering process can also remove nutrients so that the use of fertilizers becomes less effective. Some of the fertilizers have been washed off before being used by plants. If this happens, you will have to spend more money to buy additional fertilizer. However, using plastic mulch from the cheap plastic mulch brand Urban Plastic can reduce losses and increase profits.

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