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Plastic Mulch Canada for agriculture provides a very good impact for farmers. They are now able to overcome the complicated problem that can cause losses due to plants that do not produce fruit. Before farmers used plastic mulch, they had not found an effective way to maximize crop yields. But after farmers use plastic mulch, now they can engineer planting system so that every type of plant can grow well. Plastic mulch has helped farmers solve problems that previously could not be solved. They also no longer use pesticides to remove weeds because the plastic mulch will prevent weeds from growing around the plants.

Plastic mulch is a type of plastic made from polyethylene with a low density level. The process is carried out by polymerizing ethylene at very high pressure. As a result, we can use plastic mulch as a ground cover. Its elastic character makes plastic mulch easy to apply to the soil surface. The soft plastic texture can also absorb heat evenly and protect the soil from various types of disturbances. In addition, plastic mulch Canada also has a certain level of thickness so that it is able to maintain a stable soil contour. Plastic mulch used by farmers for cultivating crops with a production intensification system, such as vegetables or fruits.

Sell mulch plastic
Sell Mulch Plastic

Plastic Mulch Canada for Vegetables Crops

Some types of horticultural crops require planting methods that require engineering to keep the soil stable. In addition, engineering is also needed to increase the intensity of agricultural products. In Canada, farmers use plastic mulch Canada so that they can produce high-quality crops. Using plastic mulch on horticultural crops has been shown to increase crop yields. The temperature trapped on the soil surface is blocked by plastic mulch, making the roots get a booster that will accelerate the growth process. In addition, plastic mulch will also protect plant roots from the outside. The heat from the sun will not be able to reach the ground so that the water content in the soil remains stable.

With abundant nutrients and boosters that will accelerate the process of growing vegetable crops, farmers can reap results faster. This has a positive impact because farmers can market their agricultural products faster at the best prices. We can say that plastic mulch provides a very beneficial domino effect for farmers. Moreover, they can use plastic mulch for the next growing season. Its strong and thick character makes plastic mulch reusable. Plastic mulch is also known to have a long life expectancy so that farmers do not need to buy it regularly. As long as you use plastic of the right size and thickness, then you can use it for production the following season.

Plastic mulch Canada is available in various sizes, colors, and also different types. Farmers can choose plastic mulch based on the needs and types of plants in the field. For vegetables, black and transparent plastic mulch is widely used for vegetable plants. While plastic film mulch is often used for larger trees. Now Canadian farmers can choose the type of plastic mulch according to the specifications they want so that the intensity of production can always be increased.