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Plastic mulch roller – Agriculture is an industry that has potential of big risks. This is a sensitive area because a small mistake can result in uncontrollable losses. To be successful in this industry, we must be able to overcome any problems that arise. Interestingly, problems will always arise from the planting process to post-harvest. However, once we can solve the problem, then we can prevent the same problem from appearing in the future. In other words, if you already have a valid blueprint, then you can control and minimize the occurrence of failures at the next harvest. In this case, we will discuss about weeds that often threaten the agricultural industry.

From the time humans know farming techniques, weeds are a serious problem that must be treated appropriately. If you fail to deal with weeds, there will be a series of effects that will bring disaster to agricultural land. It is very difficult to detect weeds so farmers need proper ways to prevent them. Since humans began to recognize plastic, humans have used this product for everything, including the agricultural industry which now relies on plastic to prevent weeds. Using plastic mulch means you need a plastic mulch roller that you can get from manufacturers and suppliers. Plastic mulch will be the right thing to coat the soil while preventing weed seeds.

Plastic Mulch Roller Application

To apply a plastic mulch roller, farmers must determine the planting area and make a mound of soil. Beside it, there is a small irrigation that is useful for maintaining soil texture as well as a gutter. After the planting area is ready, farmers can start preparing plastic mulch and make small holes according to the type of plant. The size of the hole must be right because if it is too large, the empty area around it will become a place for weeds to grow. And if the hole is too small, the plastic mulch will tear as the plant grows. Torn plastic mulch can change the texture of the soil because sunlight can penetrate the soil. Nutrients in the soil can evaporate and plants lose the substances they really need. At this point, you must have a precise calculation of holes’ size that fit with the type of the plants.

After making the holes according to the pattern, the farmers can apply the plastic mulch roller. They can do this manually or using specially designed tools. The second method is often used in the application of plastic mulch because of its effectiveness in time and effort. In addition, the level of precision of the machine will also ensure that the plastic mulch can cover the soil evenly. After that, start inspections around the land to ensure that the entire surface of the soil is properly covered with plastic. When all parts of the soil are tightly covered, the planting process can begin.

Using plastic mulch roller helps farmers to reach potential benefits, but wrong application process can result in uncontrollable losses.

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