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Plastic pellet is a small piece of plastic that comes in a cylindrical shape. Usually, people use it in the injection molding process. Typically, it is made of thermoplastics such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene. Here, the factory feed the pellet into a molding machine of injection. Here, the factory heats and melts the pellet and inject it into a mold under the high pressure. When cooling off and solidifying, the plastic will be shaped like the mold. Anyway, you need to know about the most recommended plastic pellet exporter in Indonesia.

What Is Plastic Pellet and Where Is the Plastic Pellet Exporter in Indonesia?

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Plastic pellet is a cylindrical piece of plastic in a small size we usually use in an injection molding. Made of different types of plastics, it comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You may buy it in bulk. However, you can also consider custom-made plastic pellets that meet your particular needs. Furthermore, it has different grades. Of course, the grades depend on its use. In Indonesia, the biggest exporter of plastic pellet is Urban Plastic.

Plastic Pellet Advantages for Injection Molding

There are many advantages of using plastic pellet, especially for injection molding. First, it is really cost-effective because it is available in bulk and you can buy it in a large quantity at a much lower price. Besides that, it is very versatile and you can use it to create various products such as toys, medical components, etc. Then, it is also easy to handle or even transport. In fact, plastic pellet is lightweight so that you can move it easily. One more thing, it is very durable where it withstands high pressure and temperatures, making it suitable for different industries. If you think that need plastic pellet, you can find a reputable plastic pellet exporter in Indonesia.

Plastic Pellet Types

Plastic Pellet Exporter in Indonesia

When it comes to injection molding, it requires different kinds of plastic pellets. Polystyrene (PS), polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP) belong to the most popular types. Because of the different characteristics/properties, they are also appropriate for different uses. For example, PP pellet is not only lightweight but also flexible. Even more, it is excellently resistant to chemicals. Meanwhile, PE pellet is also similar but more rigid compared to PP pellet. On the other hand, PS pellet is not only rigid but also perfectly resistant to heat.

The Process of Injection Molding with Plastic Pellet

This process consists of some steps. First, the factory heats the plastic pellet to a high temperature. Then, the factory injects it into a mold cavity. After that, the factory closes the mold and leaves the plastic until it cools & hardens. After the plastic hardens, the factory opens the mold and ejects the part. Actually, this process is simple, fast, and efficient. In addition, it is very accurate. It can even produce high-quality components & parts, of course with minimum waste. As a result, you can see various high-quality products of plastic pellet from Urban Plastic.