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Plastic pellet is a small granulate and people usually use it in the process of production such as in a plastic molding machine, injection machine, etc. producing bags, containers, bottles, etc. This small piece is the most essential in the plastic product process because of the principal material and it gives the final product’s quality. Now, the consumption of plastic is very big in the world and most of them are needed for health. If you think you need to look for a plastic pellet factory in Indonesia, you will find the answer here. So, make sure to keep reading this article.

Ideas of Plastic Pellet Recycling

Plastic Pellet factory

If you want to be an eco-friendly person, you can consider these ideas of plastic pellet recycling. First, you can reuse it as a packing material. This is appropriate for those who run businesses shipping products. Here, plastic pellet doesn’t only protect your products but also save money on the cost of packing material.

Besides that, it will be a good idea to use it for creating a garden border. In this idea, you just need to line your garden bed’s edge simply with plastic pellets. These pellets will not only keep grass & weeds from encroaching but also hold the moisture in.

Or, you can consider using it as mulch. Just spread the plastic pellets around the plants. Then, they will hold in moisture. Even more, you can apply it in flower beds.

In addition, you can try recycling plastic pellet to make a DIY rug. To do this, you should crochet a mat or rug with the plastic pellet as the foundation. This will be useful to add some personality and color to any interior.

Actually, there are still many other ideas you can try. For example, you can use it as a vase filler, to make a toy, as a packing peanut, to create a stress ball, to create a bird feeder, as a plat pot, create a desk organizer, as a cat litter, etc. Now, you can shop plastic pellet from Urban Plastic Indonesia based on your needs.

What to Consider When Shopping at a Plastic Pellet Factory in Indonesia

Before you shop plastic pellets, make sure that you consider the following factors first:


It relates to pressure swigs, temperatures, and chemicals. In fact, they may change the base pellet you choose.


Usually, cost belongs to a big factor for a new product’s profitability. So, you may need to consider the ease of production, availability of chain, versus supply cost, etc.


It relates to the plastic pellet’s density. If you prefer a light part, then you should find plastic pellet with a lower density.


Then, this factor allows the parts to bend but doesn’t break when applying force.


It measures the resistance to indentation if applying direct force to the formed part.


One more thing, you have to find a plastic pellet factory in Indonesia that guarantees the quality of the plastic pellet they sell. It is clear that Urban Plastic is the best place to shop for plastic pellet.