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Noise belongs to the most common problems in neighborhoods. That’s why a sound insulation is very important. So, you have to invest in high-quality soundproofing. Since there are many types of sound insulation products available on the market, you have to be careful to find the best one. However, the most important thing is to know about the place to buy it. If you are looking for a sound insulation factory in Indonesia, you are on the right page. Keep reading to find more information!

What Is Sound Insulation?

Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

Sound insulation is a kind of insulation offering acoustic advantages. Here, you install a certain insulative material onto walls or ceiling to reduce noise in a room. It expands on the ability of energy transformation. In fact, sound travels from one surface to another surface through the air. Then, the surface reflects or absorbs the sound. In terms of sound insulation, it converts the sound into heat. For your information, sound insulation comes in different thickness and softness, affecting its effectiveness to absorb sound.

Advantages of Sound Insulation

Sound insulation can absorb energy. That’s why it belongs to the most versatile products for business or home. In addition to the ability to absorb sound, sound insulation also offers some other advantages:


It’s true that noise reduction is the main point. However, sound insulation will trap heat, too, to keep your building warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Even more, it won’t break your bank.

Easy Installation

Sound insulation from Urban Plastic is easy to install. You can easily slide it within walls or into the ceiling. So, you don’t need to hire a professional worker for its installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Generally, sound insulation materials are created/recycled as another product. So, sound insulation material won’t cause problems to the environment.

Tips in Looking for Sound Insulation and Where to Find a Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

When looking for high-quality sound insulation, you should check its noise reduction coefficient to help you to determine whether it is worth investing. In this case, you should find a material that has a nose reduction coefficient as close possible to 1.0 or 100%.

So, what is the best material of sound insulation? Mineral wool is one the best material options. This fiber-based inorganic material usually comes from the spinning slag from a streel production byproduct or natural stone fibers from volcanic stone. When it comes to mineral wool, you can choose either multi-purpose or high-performance grade.

Besides that, there’s also a cotton sound insulation as the cheapest and lightest option. However, it still provides high capability of sound absorbing. In addition, it is also safer for those with sensitive skin compared to other materials. Then, cotton fibers that are light and fully are dense enough and multi-dimensional. It means, they can trap sounds from different angels. Whatever the material you choose, you can buy it at Urban Plastic, a reputable sound insulation factory in Indonesia that offers the best quality and prices.