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Indonesia mulch plastic in Australia is a 100 percent non-recycled product. Urban Plastic chooses polyethylene as the main material because it is strong, flexible, durable, and tearing resistant. Australia buys mulch plastic from Indonesia to retard weed growth, keep the moisture of the soil, and raise the soil temperature. Indeed, Urban Plastic has specific standards before exporting their mulch plastic product to Australia. You can check the details below to know the export standards for mulch plastic made by Urban Plastic. The specifications below may help to know whether this product is suitable to use in your company or not. Best of all, your company can get the best mulch plastic.

About Indonesia Mulch Plastic in Australia 

Urban Plastic produces plastic mulch for Australian customers, along with anti UV features. Because of that, this product is durable enough to defend against sun exposure. Agriculture companies in Australia can use this product for at least up to two years. Indonesia mulch plastic in Australia is made of polyethylene material. It is known as one of the most durable and flexible materials for plastic products. Australian customers often use this product to cover the surface of the soil. They apply this plastic to prevent weeds while protecting the roots and the soil from extreme temperatures. As a result, agriculture companies in Australia can harvest their plants maximally.  

Types of Indonesia Mulch Plastic in Australia 

Indonesia mulch plastic in Australia consists of two basic types of plastic mulch, which are black polyethylene and silver polyethylene film. The black version is suitable for retarding weed growth and keeping the soil moist. It is also effective enough to increase the soil temperature. On the other hand, the silver mulch plastic version is only for raising the soil temperature without suppressing weed growth. Due to the functions, users put the black mulch plastic beneath the soil, whereas the silver mulch plastic is on the top of the soil. Both of them work as a barrier to improving the nutrients and essential compounds in the soil. As a result, plants can absorb the essential compounds no matter the weather to reach their maximum growth.  

The Use of Indonesia Mulch Plastic in Australia 

Australia uses Indonesian mulch plastic for a variety of purposes. For example, they use this product to prevent erosion. The harsh weather can cause erosion. It has a domino effect, such as killing plants or trees. Protecting the soil with plastic mulch can reduce this issue. Australian users can also apply Indonesian plastic mulch to slow the evaporation process. Evaporation affects the condition of the soil. The faster the evaporation process, the fewer the nutrients in the soil. In the long-term, it causes malnutrition problems and even kills the plants. Weed is also a terrible issue that affects the growth of plants. Weeds absorb nutrients in the soil to survive. It means that they have to compete with the main plants. Plastic mulch is effective to kill the weed and keep the plants alive. 

Indeed, Indonesia mulch plastic in Australia works well to save the agriculture industry. Urban Plastic tries to produce high-quality plastic mulch based on the export standards to accommodate countries that need it.  

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