Where to buy plastic mulch by Urban Plastic has become a question that needs to be answered. This product can be bought in many material stores and online stores such as the marketplace if you live overseas. Plastic mulch is a type of plastic that is commonly used to cover soil or plant cultivation areas. It is also known as mulch sheet plastic. This device functions as a barrier to weeds’ growth, maintains good soil structure, keeps the soil moist, and protects the soil from possible erosion. Usually, it is used on horticultural crops such as vegetables, such as leaf vegetables, chilies, to several types of fruit plants, such as melons and watermelons.

This type of plastic has two types includes inorganic plastics and organic plastic. However, they often use organic mulch for dry leaves, rice husks, straw, and the like. Then for the inorganic mulch is made from plastic. Although it is an inorganic type of plastic, this mulch plastic is still environmentally friendly because it is made of polyethylene material which has a low density. Then where to buy plastic mulch? Several types of plastic mulch are usually found at the plastic mulch shop at Urban Plastic. Here are some of them:

  • White mulch plastic
  • Red mulch plastic
  • Blue mulch plastic
  • Black mulch plastic
  • Silver mulch plastic
  • Double silver mulch plastic, which is silver on both sides
  • Silver black plastic mulch that is, one side is black while the other side is silver

Advantages of using Urban Plastic brand mulch and where to buy plastic mulch?

The number of shops selling plastic mulch in Makassar with the Urban Plastic brand is due to the increasing number of farmers using this type of plastic for their gardens. Below are the various advantages of using plastic mulch that you need to know. First, the crop harvest period will be faster. Second, based on research done, the use of plastic mulch can speed up the harvest process up to seven until fourteen days. After that, the yield increases, and the profits get higher. Then the use of water becomes more efficient. Significantly reduce the process of evaporation of water or evaporation. But you need to know where to buy plastic mulch to get all of this advantage from this product.

Moreover, this plastic mulch can increase the efficiency of using nutrients in plants, especially in the root zone. Last but not least, this plastic mulch can minimize plant loss of nutrients from fertilizers because this plastic mulch can hold the flow of water. The use of plastic mulch is chosen by many farmers because it is more affordable, elastic, not easily torn, high quality, and its use is more durable because it can be used up to three times. Therefore, it is not surprising that many plastic shops are now selling plastic mulch. Then where to buy plastic mulch is in a guaranteed place like Urban Plastic.

After all, the use of plastic mulch can also be adjusted to the types of plants grown by farmers. The most widely used type of plastic mulch is silver, black plastic mulch. This type of plastic uses unique technology from Japan and Taiwan in the manufacturing process. The function of this plastic is to reflect sunlight so that the evaporation process can be minimized and restrain the growth of weeds that can damage plants. Nowadays, finding silver, black plastic mulch is easy. So, where to buy plastic mulch, you need to come to a farm shop that sells plastic mulch or find it in the online store.

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