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Bunnings Geotextile Fabric is the right choice for drainage projects. We know that there are two types of geotextiles that are often used in various civil engineering projects. The two types have different characters so that in functionality, both have advantages in different fields. Woven geotextile is made of Polypropelene which has strong tensile strength. The woven pattern also forms its characteristics so it is often used as a layer to separate the soil. Meanwhile, non-woven geotextiles have softer characters, random patterns, and also have larger pores. It is perfect for any type of drainage project, such as French Drain or erosion control.

Bunnings Geotextile Fabric Non Woven

At first glance, it seems that there is no fundamental difference between woven and non-woven, both of which were created to increase soil stability and ground support. But if you go into more detail, choosing one will produce different results as the project progresses. This is very crucial because every project manager always wants optimal results. So if you are planning to work on a drainage project, Bunnings Geotextile Fabric non woven will be the best choice considering its suitable character for soil stability. Non-woven geotextiles can be applied to drainage because of their permeability character. This property will allow water to flow naturally while soil particles are filtered through the pores.

Bunnings Geotextile Fabric non woven has other varieties known as needle punched and poly-spun. Both are known to have excellent strength levels and are also versatile. This allows project managers to use non-woven geotextiles for a variety of constructions, particularly landscaping drainage. Besides varieties, you can also choose non-woven based on sizes and weight. Each of these categories can be applied to different construction projects based on soil contours and water flow. The light weight model has high flow rates and is suitable for any type of drain application. Medium weight will allow the water to penetrate without changing the existing soils. And the heavy weight is suitable if you need something reliable with high permeability. If you want the construction project to run well, then you can choose the appropriate variety and size to ensure the landscaping drainage is up to standard.

You can work with Garbage Bag who has years of experience in the geosynthetic sector. We have products that can be adapted to the construction project being worked on. This allows you to freely choose the type of Bunnings Geotextile Fabric so that it can support your work. This is very important because you need a reliable party to supply the right product. Most of the time, we have to deal with problems during the construction process so having someone that can support your back will help you to lighten the burden. Our expertise in this field has helped project managers to solve their problem in landscaping the drainage. It is very important that your construction projects run on time using high-quality materials.

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