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Geotextile has a general function as a separator, filter, and reinforcement in construction projects. This is one of the important components that will ensure the construction project goes well. Strange indeed, the combination of fabrics produced with certain techniques can actually have a very important role in the process of building roads, car parks, and also other important construction projects. Fabrics that are often used for clothing and bedding turned out to have a more important role in Civil Engineering. Engineers know how important Geotextiles are in their projects. Without it, engineers will find it very difficult to ensure the project runs on a proper timeline. One of the main functions of geo fabric is to ensure that soil, rock and other particles of different sizes are not mixed.

In the construction process, engineers must maintain stability and keep the soil characteristics by separating fine soil from aggregate in road construction. This process must be carried out in accordance with the level of thickness according to the design so that there is no mixing of two types of soil with different sizes. Now technicians only need to use Geotextile to separate the soil, to then coat it with soil with different characters and textures. This process will make the following construction easy so that the project can run according to the timeline. Time is a very important commodity because they have to do it right in a short time. Without Geotextile, the technicians need a long time so that the entire soil layer has the right texture and level of dryness. The Geotextile will ensure that wet soil and dry soil do not mix so that the construction process can continue.

Geotextile Non-Woven

For soil separation, technicians usually use a non-woven Geotextile made of polypropylene fabric. The manufacturing process with certain techniques will create random patterns that can create a good level of strength with good flow ability. Geotextiles are available in various types of thickness and weight levels so that they can be adapted to construction projects. The level of thickness will also affect the strength so you have to calculate the process of applying soil separation. To separate soil and rock with different types of ground-level, you need Geotextiles with the right composition.

Non-woven Geotextiles are often used in road construction projects on soft soils. In one stage of highway construction, technicians will add the ground with sand, stone, and gravel, where each of these elements must not mix together. We all know that stones and gravel tend to sink into the sand, which can degrade the quality of the road. The road surface will drop and make the road contour uneven, which of course could harm the driver. Using a non-woven Geotextile as a separator will ensure that sand, gravel and stone are not mixed so that the road surface remains hard and flat. The contours will not change even though the project is actually built on soft ground.

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