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Die Cut Bag

Product Details :

Die Cut Plastic Bags or Die Cut Handle Bags produced by us, Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter are an economical option for trade shows and retail businesses such as clothing stores.  Die Cut Shopping Bags is also known as Shopping Bags.

Die Cut Handle Bag is usually flat or side gusset bag with a handle.  Die Cut Bags resist tearing and stretching, making them perfect for any retail application.

  • Dimension = Minimum width 20 cm
  • Thickness range from 30 micron to 60 micron
  • Materials =  HDPE and LLDPE
  • Use For = Retail packaging
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Plastic bags are the most effective item for carrying various types of groceries. So don’t be surprised if plastic bags are the main choice of supermarket owners. They need plastic bags so that customers can carry their groceries in the right places. For supermarket owners, plastic bags provide an advantage because they are much cheaper than others. Especially now that there are cut bags that can provide more benefits compared to shopping bags made of woven. The supermarket owner only needs to choose the appropriate type of cut in order to get the right item for his needs.

HDPE Cut Bags

Plastics are made of molecules that are processed so that they can create a plastic sheet that can be used for various purposes. However, plastic manufacturers often process these molecules into shopping bags that are needed by supermarkets. If you notice, there are several types of plastics that are categorized according to the molecules they are made of. For shopping cut bags, HDPE type plastic has better strength compared to other types so that it can provide the strength to carry various types of goods. This type of plastic can withstand weight without tearing easily. So don’t be surprised if HDPE cut bags are used for a variety of grocery bags.

Apart from having excellent strength, HDPE cut bags are also resistant to temperature and water. This is very important because in some industries, they sell items that have a certain temperature to contain water. It is very important to use cut bags that have good resistance to both types of elements. Interestingly, this type of plastic is also usually available in several color choices so you can choose the type of color you like. If you do not order a custom, these plastics are usually available in black only. So please make up your mind before you choose the right kind of the cut bags with certain of color. Make sure that you talk to the customer service that will take care of the orders.

Some plastic bag manufacturing companies also have various types of cuts that can vary the plastic bag. Besides being able to choose a color, you can also choose the appropriate type of cut, such as D-cut or W-cut. This is very important because you can choose the right type of cut and according to the industry. Interestingly, you also have the opportunity to do other things with the order. If you want your company logo to be printed on a plastic surface, you can add a business logo or brand so that it can give a certain impression. It will differ the plastic cut bags with others as there’s certain logo or brand on the surface.

Urban Plastic Garbage Bag is one of the best manufacturers that provide many offers for custom cut bags. You can work with this company to make cut bags that fit your industry and business mission. Feel free to contact the customer service to get the latest information about the products.