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Drain Warden

As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce Drain Warden which is a sediment trap made from fabric that is positioned in a stormwater drain under the grate. The polypropylene nonwoven geotextile fabric produced by Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter is the filter medium, which traps any particulate greater than 90 microns.

  • Measures 1300m x 1300m x 600mm
  • Traps particles >90 microns
  • Helps you comply with environmental regulations
  • Made from polypropylene nonwoven geotextile fabric
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can be trimmed to size to fit smaller drains

As Indonesia drain warden manufacturer and exporter, we have the experience to help you provide the best products. Our company has various types of plastic products which are commonly used in construction projects. This time, we will discuss about the drain warden which will provide security in several areas, such as campuses, shopping centers, carparks, and some outdoor places. This is a crucial material because it will help separate the small particles carried by the water. Using a drain warden at the water gate will also ensure that the water flow remains clean of various types of residues that can affect environmental damage.

High-quality Indonesia Drain Warden Manufacturer and Exporter

Our products have been used in several construction projects in Australia and New Zealand. They are satisfied with the quality of the products we send because they are able to work well when installed on the water gate. As Indonesia drain warden manufacturer and exporter, we know that drain warden has a very important function because the geotextile fiber will catch the dirt carried by the water. As when used on a stormwater grate, the drain warden will filter any residue that enters the water line. Without a drain warden, all the residue can be washed away by water and into the sewers. In very large quantities, these residues can be a cause of environmental pollution which will have a negative impact. Therefore, we need a drain warden so that small invisible particles are filtered out properly.

The quality of the drain warden we manufacture has helped Australia and New Zealand implement appropriate procedures to prevent environmental damage. Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, people do not understand the importance of using a drain warden on a stormwater grate. We still often see the streets in big American cities, where the stormwater grate is not lined with a drain warden. This is very dangerous because without a filter, all the dirt will be carried into the water line. Stakeholders should be aware of this so that they install a drain warden on each stormwater grate. Besides having a very important function, drain warden is also available at a relatively affordable price. You can work with Indonesia drain warden manufacturers and exporters to provide the products you need.

And even there are a lot of Indonesia drain warden manufacturer and exporter, only we can provide high-quality products with affordable rate. Plus, our portfolio in helping stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand will give you confidence in choosing us as your partner to supply drain warden. As manufacturer as well as exporter, we know the products you need. Our expertise in this field will help you determine the drain warden that match. This is a great opportunity because you get high-quality products from the first party. There will be no additional charge or hidden cost!

As Indonesia drain warden manfuacturer and exporter, we believe that our products will give more benefits and ensure the stromwater grate gets the exact thing it needs.

Drain Warden Specifications
Basic Weight ASTM D5261 g/m2 248.97
Thickness ASTM D5199 mm 1.9
WWS Tensile Strength MD / CD ASTM D4595 kN/m 12.25 / 12.5
WWS Elongation MD / CD ASTM D4595 % 45 – 80%
Grab Tensile Strength MD / CD ASTM D4632 kN 0.75 / 0.80
Grab Elongation MD / CD ASTM D4632 % 45 – 80%
Tearing Strength MD / CD ASTM D4533 kN 0.45 – 0.48
Puncture Resistance ASTM D6241 kN 2.50
Water Permeability ISO 11058 L/m2/s 90
Width mm 1300 x 1300
Height mm 600
What is Drain Warden price?

Please contact us to ask for drain warden price.
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Drain Warden Installation Guide

  1. Remove the stormwater grate and clean drain opening and top lip of the This will ensure a better seal and improve the lifespan of your Drain Warden. Use a grate lifting device if necessary or have another person help you lift the grate.

2. Rest the grate on its side and tie the Drain Warden onto the underside of the If supplied, tie the absorbent boom onto the grate so it falls in the center of the basin.

3. Replace the grate back into the drain pit. Pull on the edges to of the fabric to give the best fitting around the drain. Check the ties again to make sure they are tight on the

4. With a cutting tool, trim excess material flush with the grate leaving at least 50mm overhang. If a large gap remains between the grate and the concrete shoulder, fold over the excess geotextile and fold back under to form a filler in the

5. Ensure the grate is correctly replaced and flush to ground level and does not create a trip