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Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell

Product Details :

Drainage cell is a premium drainage solution designed for modern landscape and civil engineering needs, providing effective and sustainable subsurface water management. The product keeps water from ponding and ensures optimal soil recovery and stability, thus preventing erosion and structural damage to buildings and other infrastructure.


  • Size per pcs: 25cm x 25cm x 3cm
  • Product durability = 5 years
  • Material: PP Ori
  • 1 m² = 16 pcs
  • Can be elastic, but hard to break

Functions and Benefits

1. Reduces Waterlogging

Drainage cells help in draining excess rainwater or surface water, reducing waterlogging and flood risk.

2. Soil Recovery

By facilitating effective drainage, this product helps the soil recover faster from excess water, supporting the stability of the soil and structures above it.

3. Sustainable Use

Drainage cells promote sustainable water management and can be used in a variety of applications, such as rooftop gardens, parking areas, and other landscape projects.

4. Structural Support

The honeycomb cell structure or other design of drainage cell provides structural support, allowing the soil above it to remain stable while water can drain easily.

Drainage Cell