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Geocel is a product that is shaped like a three-dimensional honeycomb structure that is connected to each other. Made from HDPE which is known for its lightness, flexibility, abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance making it suitable for all types of soil. Geocell brand Urban Plastic has a height variant of 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm.


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Jual Geocell
Jual Geocell

Geocell function is as follows:

  1. Load Support  – the solution for unstable surfaces
  2. Slope Protection – solutions for erosion prevention and slope protection
  3. Retaining Wall – Solutions for retaining walls
  4. Channel Protection – Solutions for retaining walls for drains

Geocell Material: Virgin HDPE

Geocell Color: Black

Geocell thickness: 1.5 mm (rough structure)

Usually sold per panel.

1 panel has dimensions: 4m x 6m = 24 m²

Minimum purchase: 1 panel

Geocell Application:

  1. Soil reinforcement in industrial area
  2. Reinforcement of land for residential areas (to anticipate paving block roads so that they are even and there is no significant settlement)
  3. Reinforcement of slopes (because the geocell has holes, so the holes will be placed in the plants so that the roots of the plants become strong and the geocell can be an excellent barrier on very sloping slopes)
  4. Reinforcement for oil palm plantation highways in Kalimantan & Sumatra (which are mostly peat soils)
  5. For the railroad
  6. For sloping drainage slopes


Why use Geocell?
  1. Reduces aggregate thickness by about 40-50%
  2. Installation is faster, durable, has a good drainage system, and is environmentally friendly.
Why is there a difference in Geocell height?

If the road load on it is getting bigger, you have to use a higher geocell (but this also depends on the soil test / test of the soil). Example:

For residential street loads that are usually passed by ordinary cars, you can use a Geocell with a height of 7.5 cm
For road loads in industrial areas such as Pulogadung / Batang areas which are usually passed by large trucks, you must use a Geocell with a height of 15 cm or 20 cm.

Why does Geocell have holes?

So that the water can still flow.

For Geocell Applications, Geocell must be locked with a key / hand staples.