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Geomembrane produced by Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter is made of premium HDPE Liner (High Density Polyethylene). We are using material that is an innovative product for retaining water seepage (impermeable liner).

We provide a high-quality Geomembrane which is an effective and efficient solution for water proofing layer on various applications. This product has a range of thickness from 0.5 mm to 3.00 mm.

The Strengths of Indonesia HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturer and Exporter: Resistant to UV, Chemical Substances and Micro Organism, Stable Long-Term Performance, Easy and Quick Installation Process, 100% Non-Recycle Material, Strong and Flexible.

The Applications of Indonesia Geomembrane Liner/ Geomembrane Sheet Manufacturer and Exporter: Toxic Waste Containment, Liquid Waste Containment, Landfill Foundation and Landfill Caps, Aquaculture Ponds, Water Reservoir, Tuner Lining, etc.

Have you ever heard of geomembrane or HDPE Membrane plastic? But surely there are still some of you who don’t know, if there are various geomembrane plastics. How many types of geomembrane plastic are currently circulating in the market? Especially, by our Indonesia Geomembrane Manufacturer and Exporter? Come on, let’s find out!

What is geomembrane? At first glance, geomembrane does look like a thin layer of plastic that leaks easily. However, when viewed in more detail, geomembrane is a thick layer or material that is resistant to various liquids, including even acidic fluids. Geomembrane systems have actually been around for more than a few decades. However, public awareness, especially pond entrepreneurs, to use geomembrane has only started from the occurrence of general environmental problems that are increasing, namely water pollution due to pollutants. Because Geomembrane itself is known as a material that can prevent water pollution because it is made of an impermeable membrane, by pollutants from the soil or mud polluting the water.

Like other versatile products, Indonesia Geomembrane Manufacturer and Exporter produce several types, of geomembrane namely:

  1. Flexible Polypropylene (FPP). The manufacturing material is a polymerized resin of ethylene propylene rubber and polypropylene. FPP geomembrane has a better price and quality than HDPE, but this type of geomembrane is not suitable for use in ponds because it is usually applied to larger industries, such as factories and so on.
  2. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA geomembrane is three times better quality and flexible than LLDPE geomembrane. The EVA geomembrane itself uses ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer material which makes it smell a bit. The advantage is that it can withstand both high and low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This type of geomembrane is made by copolymerization of ethylene under low pressure and temperature. LLDPE geomembranes tend to be very flexible and stretchable, but are slightly thinner than other types of geomembranes.
  4. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This type of geomembrane is commonly used for pond bottoms. HDPE allows geomembrane to be highly corrosion resistant and can be applied to any type of water, including factory effluents.

The Best Indonesia Geomembrane Manufacturer and Exporter

Geomembrane is a type of geosynthetic material that functions as a waterproof layer made of synthetic materials such as plastic. Geomembranes are produced using conventionally consistent polymer sheets, but are also manufactured using impregnated geotextiles with shower black-tops, elastomers or polymers, or as multilayer asphalt recomposites.

And this geomembrane plastic, can be used as an impermeable layer to separate materials in the form of liquid or liquid waste with the waterproof property underneath being maintained, not polluted. Then about where are the locations to apply geomembrane plastic types in everyday human life? There are many places which used geomembrane, especially in construction sites. If you are an engineer, you will know how important geomembrane is in the site.

If you are looking for Indonesia Geomembrane Manufacturer and Exporter, you can contact us as we produce the best geomembrane product with great quality and affordable price. We are also shipping worldwide.

QnA About Geomembrane

What is geomembrane and how is it used?

Geomembrane is a part of geosynthetic that functions to prevent leakage due to its water and gas tightness, geomembrane is commonly used in road construction projects, ponds, and landfills.

What are the properties of geomembranes?

  • Made from Original HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Available in thickness 0.5 mm – 2 mm
  • Contains Carbon Black UV
  • Strong Against High Temperature Up To 85°C
  • Strong against chemical (chemical resistance)
  • Has a high tensile strength, which is directly proportional to the thickness of the geomembrane

What is HDPE geomembrane?

A geomembrane is a coating material that has a very low permeability (leakage rate) so that it can control liquid (or gas) escaping in a man-made project, structure, or system.

What is Geomembrane Price?

Geomembrane price depends on its thickness. The thicker it is, the more expensive it will be.

What is Geomembrane Thickness?

  • Thickness 0.3 mm x Length 50 meters x Width 6 meters
  • Thickness 0.5 mm x Length 50 meters x Width 6 meters
  • Thickness 0.75 mm x Length 100 meters x Width 7 meters
  • Thickness 1 mm x Length 210 meters x Width 7 meters
  • Thickness 1.5 mm x Length 140 meters x Width 7 meters
  • Thickness 2 mm x Length 105 meters x Width 7 meters

What is Geomembrane Material?

Geomembrane Material is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) coated with Black Carbon UV

What is Geomembrane Manufacturing Process?

The manufacturing of geomembranes begins with the production of the raw materials then processed into sheets of various widths and thickness by extrusion, calendering, and/or spread coating.