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Dead Body Bag

We produce quality Dead Body Bag that meets the standard to be Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter. Our Dead Body Bag or Corpse Body Bag is a disposable bag made of LLDPE material.  It is a large white plastic that is strong, flexible, not easily torn and waterproof.  This dead body bag is usually used to wrap infectious bodies such as the bodies of COVID-19 victims.


• Width x Height: 100 cm x 205 cm.

• Thickness: 180-200 microns.

• Colour: White.

• Customizable Size.

The Best Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter

Are you looking for Indonesia dead body bag manufacturer and exporter? We are here for you!  Disaster, health, and even police institutions must have sufficient stock of dead body bags. The goal is for them to act quickly in an emergency. In an emergency, dead body bags not only function to prevent corpses from premature decomposition. More than that, this object also has several other functions which are very important.

Dead Body Bag Functions

  1. As a forum to facilitate the performance of officers when carrying or evacuating victims of natural disasters or accidents.
  2. Serves to cover the corpse to the maximum so that the blood and smell do not seep. Generally, it is used to cover the bodies of accident victims whose body condition is no longer complete. In addition, the benefits of dead body bags will be felt even more when officers take care of rotting corpses.
  3. A place for storing corpses for research purposes for health or medical institutions because the analysis can be used to identify victims forensically.

Dead body bags function to lift or move the body safely according to the rules. The material has been adapted to the needs of transporting corpses so that unpleasant odors do not seep out. Through the use of dead body bags, the risk of further damage to the corpse can be minimized. This will be very useful for dealing with corpses whose body conditions are no longer intact. Dead body wrap bags are the most effective solution to prevent the spread of bacteria into the air.

Specifications of Standardized Dead Body Bags

Dead body bags are an important component in emergency situations and conditions, both in natural disasters or traffic accidents that cause many deaths. As the name implies, this bag is used to wrap the corpse so it doesn’t rot. Because the existence of body bags is very important, the selection of body bags must also be precise and thorough and according to predetermined standards.

The existence of quality body bags is increasingly important when the bodies being evacuated are in poor condition or even rotting. With the body bag, the unpleasant smell and blood cannot seep out. The body bag is designed and made using special materials, even adjusted so that its function is maximized. As we have seen, a good and quality body bag is one that meets the standards. Therefore, before buying a body bag, it is important to note that the bag meets the standards. Body bags that are in accordance with the standards are usually made of polyester and terpauline just like the bags that can you find in our Indonesia dead body bag manufacturer and exporter. In addition, there are body bags made of plastic and can be a pretty good alternative. Especially for the price, plastic body bags are more affordable than body bags made of other materials.

We as the best Indonesia dead body bag manufacturer and exporter sell great quality dead body bags with affordable price!

What are the specifications for the Urban Plastic dead body bag?


• Width x Height: 100 cm x 205 cm.

• Thickness: 180-200 microns.

• Colour: White.

• Customizable Size.

What is the price of Urban Plastic dead body bag?

Wholesale : 3,7 USD/pcs (incl VAT)
Retail : 4,36 USD/pcs (incl VAT)|

Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

For more information about price of Urban Plastic Dead Body Bag, please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ratna) , or Email : [email protected].

What is the funtoin of Urban Plastic dead body bag?

The function of the dead body bag is to wrap the corpse before it is put into the coffin.

Where can I get the best Dead Body Bag?

You can get the best and high quality Dead Body Bag on PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia. We provide the best Dead Body Bag you will ever see.

For more information about Urban Plastic Dead Body Bag please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ratna), or Email : [email protected].

Is there an explanation video and product video of Dead Body Bag?

Yes Of Course, please watch our Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8TCLwBq1og

How many times is a body bag used?

Because of the short supply, body bags are sometimes reused two or three times. Sometimes when a body bag is unavailable, the deceased person is wrapped in sheets and a mask is placed on the face.