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Mulch Plastic

As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce Plastic Mulch that is made from 100% Non-Recycle Polyethylene Plastic Material, therefore it is strong, flexible, durable and resist to tearing.

Our Mulch Plastic comes in two basic types: Black Polyethylene and Silver Polyethylene Film. Black film is used to retard weed growth, retain moisture, and heat up the soil, whereas the silver film does not suppress weed growth, but it is also used to raise the soil temperature.
Therefore the Silver part is usually put on top of the soil, whereas the Black part is put beneath.

Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter produces Plastic Mulch that is equipped with Anti UV, therefore this product can last for 2 (two) years from excessive sun exposure. Mulch Plastic is an effective way of insulating and protecting delicate plant root systems against harsh weather conditions. It works as a barrier that improves the soil’s nutrient profile. Mulching also reduces erosion while enhancing the soil’s ability to hold more moisture.

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Have you ever heard of mulch plastic? Are you looking for Indonesia mulch plastic manufacturer and exporter? This plastic is a material that is spread or placed on the soil surface as a cover. The type of mulch used will depend on the function and aesthetic value of the landscape. Mulch plastic should be applied evenly around trees, shrubs, and perennials, but not more than four inches deep. Mulch plastic should also be spread about an inch from the main stem of the plant and should not be piled on the trunk or on top of the plant.

Mulch plastic can be made from compost or manure, or inorganic materials such as recycled tires. Indonesia mulch plastic manufacturer and exporter produce mulch plastic with great materials. Whatever mulch you choose, spreading a few inches of mulch around your garden can be a great way to get the most out of your garden care. Here are the functions of mulch plastic on plants that you need to know

The Best Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter

  1. Prevent Erosion

Do you know that soil without mulch is prone to erosion? Wind, rain and even sprinklers can cause erosion of unprotected soil, in no time. It is the erosion that causes a lot of problems for your plants. The problem has the effect of killing a plant or tree. Worst of all, erosion depletes essential nutrients from the soil. Plants need healthy food to survive. Important nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen are removed from the soil in the absence of mulch or ground cover.

Mulch plastic not only prevents erosion, but also provides the soil with much-needed nutrients when damaged. This is aided by the daily activities of worms and other organisms. Whatever your climate is, your plants need mulch plastic

  1. Slows Evaporation

Why you need Indonesia mulch plastic manufacturer and exporter for your plants? It is because mulch plastic can slow evaporation. Nutrients are important, and so is water. Without mulch, the soil is left to burn in the sun, which increases the rate of evaporation. This is especially a problem for malnourished plants or plants with exposed roots. It is this mulch that can fix this problem by being an excellent protector. This shield will prevent the sun from reaching the ground, and thus minimize evaporation.Best of all, mulch also acts like a sponge and absorbs water.

  1. Prevents Weed Growth

When weed seeds are exposed to sunlight, they will germinate. However, when they are buried under a layer of mulch, they do not germinate. It seems too good to be true, but mulch greatly reduces weed growth. If you’ve been spending hours and hours weeding your flower beds, you really need to help yourself mulch properly before you finish the job. Otherwise, the weeds will grow back before you know it, and you’ll have work to do all over again.Of course, the weeds will eventually grow back. But they will be much less in the future. In addition, weeds that grow in the mulch plastic are generally easier to remove.

Q&A About Mulch Plastic

What is plastic mulch?

Plastic mulch is a plastic sheet used in agriculture in a similar fashion to mulch; it is used to suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production and landscaping.

What is plastic mulch price?

Since our plastic mulch is customizable by our clients, we recommend you to contact us directly to inquire about plastic mulch price.

What is the purpose of plastic mulch?

Plastic mulch has many functions, they can raise soil temperature, reduce evaporation from soil, increase dioxide concentration and nutrient, control weeds, and protect plants from pests and reduce fruit rotting. Some experiments even concluded that plastic mulch can alter the salt content in soil and therefore the usage of plastic mulch has good effects on plant growing.

What are the advantages of plastic mulch?

Here are some advantages of plastic mulch:
a) Plastic mulch can warm the soil as much as 5 degrees F, and it means that we can plant them earlier than we could without the mulch. By using plastic mulch, we will be able to harvest up to three weeks early.
b) Plastic mulch can help reduce evaporation. This is one of the best reasons for plastic mulch use. By having reduced the evaporation, we will enjoy the benefit of cutting our water bills, reducing our water consumption and preventing the leaching of nutrients. However, this also means that we will need to install drip irrigation systems under the plastic, since it will not let rain seep through.
c) Plastic mulch does a good job in taking out weeds, and this means that we will not be out there on our knees weeding and we will use less herbicides. Moreover, our vegetables will be healthier since some insects eat weeds and others use them for laying eggs, we will have less pests to worry about too.

How to use plastic mulch?

a) First of all, we need to lay down clear plastic mulch over soil before planting in early spring to warm the dirt or cover newly planted seeds to speed up germination in warm-season crops, such as peppers and melon. Using clear plastic can increase the temperature of the soil by 10 to 20 degrees, and when the seeds have germinated, we need to remove the plastic.
b) Secondly, spread a layer of silver and black plastic mulch, to suppress weeds and grass and increase the soil temperature by 5 to 10 degrees.
c) Thirdly, make sure that we put the silver layer on top of the soil and the black layer below the soil.

Is plastic mulch safe?

If we want to environmentally friendly, we need to use biodegradable plastic mulch. Please contact us for more information about this product.

How long will plastic mulch last?

Plastic mulch can last very long, usually more than 2 years because we produce plastic mulch that contains anti UV. However aesthetically, the lifetime of plastic mulch is significantly shorter, the most is around 2 years. Why? It is because when the mulch is exposed to the elements, it will begin the decomposition process and start to change its appearance, and after one to two years of usage, the mulch will start to lose color. Therefore, by this time, we may notice bare spots in our yard and this signifies that we should replace the old mulch.

Why do farmers cover fields with plastic?

It is because plastic will trap the heat of the sun on cold soil, and warm it up faster, and keep it from cooling of at night, meaning we can punch holes in it and plant our plants sooner, and this means that we can harvest our plants earlier. Plastic mulch also does a good job in conserving water, by preventing excess evaporation, and it keeps weeds down as well. Once in a while, we can see plastic put out at other times, for the explicit purpose of smothering the grass and weeds under it. And this will leave mostly bare soil which is helpful in starting a new crop which will be planted shortly after removing the plastic and doing whatever plowing or cultivating is necessary.

Does plastic mulch let water through?

Plastic mulch can reduce soil evaporation by up to 70 percent. Be aware though, that plants placed in plastic mulch don’t get water readily from rainfall or overhead sprinklers so install soaker hoses under the mulch.