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Soft Loop Bag

Product Details :

As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we are offering wholesale Soft Loop Bags for all your retail packaging needs.  Loop Handle Plastic Bags serve multi purposes.  Soft Loop Bag, also known as Loop Handle Bag, are found in many retail stores and are used for a wide range of different purposes in a variety of diverse shapes and sizes.

These bags produced by Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, are uniquely attractive and durable with a soft loop handle design. Available in side and bottom gusset and can be printed up to 6 colours.

  • Dimension = Minimum width 25 cm
  • Bags thickness range: 30 micron – 50 micron (bags ),
  • Soft Loop Handle thickness range 150 micron – 200 micron
  • Materials = HDPE and LLDPE
  • Colours = up to 6 colours
  • Use For = Retail Packaging (Reusable)
  • Biodegradable option available

Ensuring customers get the right product is the main goal of every businessman. Not only that, a businessman must also ensure that the shopping experience feels special. In fact, we often have to make sure that the smallest things like plastic or shopping bags have a certain standard. This is very important because all elements can affect customer perceptions of the brands we create. Like if you have a retail business that sells products, you must provide loop handle bag that will provide convenience for consumers in carrying your products.

Non Woven Fabric Loop Handle Bag

In the retail business, we must also pay attention to service aspects that can make a good impression on customers. Then you not only have to pay attention to the product, but the packaging is also important because they are like two interrelated sides. To provide the best service, you need a soft loop handle bag so customers can go home happily. Moreover, they get loop bags made of quality materials so they can be reused in the future. This is a new breakthrough in the shopping bag world because in addition to choosing products made of plastic, you can also choose shopping bags made of non woven fabric, which is the main material of loop bags.

Non woven fabric soft loop bag is now widely used in the retail sector because it is considered more environmentally friendly. Some companies choose loop bags made of this material because they are durable. Consumers also feel happy because they don’t use disposable plastic bags which will actually increase the volume of waste in their homes. The non woven fabric loop handle bag can be used repeatedly so that both consumers and businesses can reduce the use of plastic waste. On the other hand, people in the business don’t have to bother providing high-quality, affordable, and reliable loop bags. As an impact, the environment does not have to bear the bad effects of using plastic shopping bags which are the main source of environmental pollution.

Soft loop bags made out of non woven fabric are also the right choice for business because they are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Both of these aspects must also be adjusted to the business you are running. If your business sells large retail products, then you also need a loop handle bag that can accommodate more items. Size and thickness are very important factors because they will affect the convenience of customers in bringing your product. If necessary, you should provide loop bag with a high level of thickness so that the customer has a reliable container because it can withstand heavy loads.

In this case, We have experience in providing various loop handle bag made of non woven fabric and other materials. This company can be your business partner to provide quality loop bags at an affordable price. Their expertise in this field will ensure you will get the right shopping bag for the lovely customers.