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T-Shirt Bag

Promote Your Brand with Trendy T Shirt Bags Custom. As an Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce T Shirt Bags that are used for packaging and can be printed in up to 6 colors. Extremely durable and can be reused many times for more responsible use. Plastic T Shirt Bags produced by Indonesia Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, are one type of plastic shopping bag that is popularly used in various industries for brand promotion.

Dimension = width min 12 cm
Thickness = Min 8 micron Max 100 micron
Material = HDPE and LDPE
Use For = Retail Packaging
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Retail, bakery, grocery, and restaurant business owners need a container that is useful when customers choose takeout orders. They need shirt bags that will make it easier to transport goods. Currently, plastic shirt bags are the most popular choice because they have advantages over other materials such as paper bags. Moreover, plastic also has good elasticity so that it can adjust to the shape of the goods. You also have the convenience of carrying things because there is a handle that will make grasping easier. These handles also make people call this as shirt bag because the handles look like a sleeveless T-shirt.

Shirt Bags Sizes for Retail Business

We must understand every customer’s needs, such as when they shop at our store. So we have to provide plastic bags of various sizes so that customers can get the right container. This is very important because when shopping, customers not only choose the best quality products, but also choose a place that provides comfort when shopping. So you have to provide plastic bags of different sizes so that customers feel comfortable when carrying groceries. To get the right size, you can contact a shirt bag supplier that provides the right size and price. This is also a profitable move because you get the goods first hand, without the middlemen who will keep the purchase costs down.

Supplier shirt bags provide a variety of size options that can be customized according to your needs. Several size options such as extra small, small, medium, large, to extra large are available in at least 3 additional options related to color. In addition to these sizes, you can also choose colors such as plain white, black, or clear bags that can be tailored to your type of business. Many people think that color is not a problem, but you should choose a shirt bag according to the color. Plain white is used for lightweight office containers. Meanwhile, black plastic shirt bags are used for heavier containers of goods because black plastic bags have better strength. Meanwhile, clear shirt bags are often used for restaurant businesses because the clear plastic bags have better heat resistance level so it is safe to bring hot foods or drinks.

In addition to these options, you also have the opportunity to personalize certain things that can give customers a personal touch with your retail business. Several suppliers who are also manufacturers provide flexibility for customers to choose colors, sizes, and logos on plastic bags that can become company branding. This will be a great way to ensure that your business has a place in the minds of customers. You are free to choose a logo design or branding on customizable shirt bags so that the indirect selling process takes place smoothly. And now people have reusable plastic bags with your business’ logo on it.

See, this is why people that run business in grocery, office supplies, restaurant, and other retail business need to have shirt bags for their customers.