PT. Kapuk Mas, a T Shirt bag factory in Indonesia has a goal to support the fashion business even better than before. We realize that packaging has an important role to attract customers. The more attractive the packaging, the more customers buy your fashion products. You can also use a t-shirt bag as a promotion medium by printing your logo on it. It helps you to get closer to customers by expressing your gratitude. Indeed, you need a company that is ready to customize t-shirt bags based on your needs. The information below shows why you have to use our t-shirt bags. 

We are a T-Shirt Bag Factory in Indonesia that is Ready to Customize Based on Your Needs

As a professional t shirt bag factory in Indonesia, PT. Kapuk Mas supports its team with machines that can print up to 6 colors. This technology allows t-shirt business owners to mix and match the plastic bag color with the color of their logo. It means that you can create attractive and simple packaging only from a plastic bag. We are not only ready to print a business logo in the plastic bag but also a phrase, sentence, and even designing the plastic bag model. You can also choose the dimension and thickness of the plastic bag to ensure that it fits and match your t-shirts. As a result, an attractive t-shirt plastic bag will increase the value of your product. 

We are a T-Shirt Bag Factory in Indonesia that Produces Durable Product

A durable plastic bag helps to protect your product during the delivery process. As a result, your customers receive the package in a good condition. That’s why as a t shirt bag factory in Indonesia, we try to support you with a durable product. Our product is made of HDPE and LDPE that are durable enough for retail packaging. We also design the bag with 12 cm width, along with 8 to 100 microns thick. Due to its durability, users can use this plastic bag many times. This specification is not only suitable for fashion products but also bakeries, retails, groceries, and restaurants for takeout orders.

We are a T-Shirt Bag Factory in Indonesia that Supports Environmental Programs 

As a reputable t shirt bag factory in Indonesia, we also consider environmental issues. Because of that, our company is ready to produce biodegradable plastic bags. It means that the plastic bags will be decomposed after a few years. Indeed, users can use plastic bags many times for responsible use until they get ripped and thrown away. We choose organic materials, such as cassava to make it decompose faster than common plastic bags. As a result, our product will not be a part of a problem and become a part of a solution. People still get a bag to bring or pack their items. At a certain point, the plastic bag will disappear without producing any harmful waste or chemicals.                

Due to the quality of the plastic bag and our commitment to the environment, we are a t shirt bag factory in Indonesia that can export the bags abroad. Nowadays, our t-shirt bag product market is currently in Japan and the United States of America.

For more information about T Shirt Bag Factory in Indonesia please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Cila) or, atau: Email : [email protected]

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