Geotextile Non-woven Factory in Indonesia for Desalination Plant in Qatar provide non-woven geotextile as a water filter media from fine particles. Desalination plant is an equipment that converts seawater into fresh water by removing the salt content. This fresh water can later be used for human consumption purposes and for industrial needs. In desalination process is used as a power plant, raw material for cooling water, fire extinguishers, and steam turbine working fluid.  Desalination techniques are needed at large scale and it involves science, engineering, and industrial business that include formation of effective filter media based on physical, biological, and chemical methods.

There are 3 commonly desalination process that use non-woven geotextile as a permeable membranes, namely:

  1. Freezing Desalination Plant: The process of treating seawater by cooling seawater to a certain temperature, so that the water will freeze to form ice, while the salts have not frozen because the freezing point is lower.
  2. Filtration (reverse osmosis): the process of treating seawater by passing seawater through a filter. The filter is in the form of a permeable membrane such as non-woven geotextile, where water can pass through the permeable membrane while the salts cannot escape because the salts have larger particle sizes. The Non-woven Geotextile Factory in Indonesia for the Desalination Plant in Qatar produces the highest quality non-woven geotextile.
  3. Evaporation: The process of treating seawater by heating seawater to a certain temperature, so that some of the seawater will evaporate. The water vapor formed is then cooled so that it condenses into a distillate which has a low conductivity (± 10 µs/cm). Meanwhile, sea water that does not evaporate and contains a lot of salts is removed by a blowdown pump.
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Geotextile Non-woven Factory in Indonesia for Desalination Plant in Qatar provides a wide range of non-woven geotextiles for filtration purposes. Non-woven geotextile along with sand are one of the best adsorbent materials for fluoride removal from water as it directly reacts and complexes with F-ions. The research indicates that non-woven geotextile combined with sand as a filter can provide treatment to wide range of contamination in water sources with respect to organic matter, suspended solids, and bacterial load to produce the potable water within few hours without using electric power supply. It may reduce the expenditure on providing safe drinking water for which costly water treatment systems are utilized.

Geotextiles are high strength and durable materials. The use of non-woven geotextile along with sand can enhance both the infiltration and microfiltration capacity of the portable filters.  Filtration membranes required regular maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning of a conventional filter includes emptying the entire filtration rack, chemical cleaning, disinfection and rinsing, and replacement of entire filtration unit. Frequent cleaning of filtration membrane causes disintegration of membrane. Disintegration in membrane usually includes structural changes, embrittlement of membrane fibers, and compromised filtration performance.  Even though, cleaning the desalination filter is not that difficult and doesn’t need to be done too often. If you are interested in Geotextile Non-woven Factory in Indonesia for Desalination Plant in Qatar, you can contact the number listed below:

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