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Collecting rainwater by using the product from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter can be the best way to conserve this precious resource. The basic system of this product captures rainwater from channels and surface and store it in a container.

Generally, it is clean but sometimes it can pick up debris, pollutants, and microorganisms when hitting your roof. This is the reason why your indoor use system often includes treatment like filtration for safety.

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Modular tank
Modular tank

MrIndonesia Modular Rainwater Tank Manufacturer and Exporter, Uses for Rainwater

Not too much treatment is required for outdoor rainwater collection systems as the water is usually used outside. It is useful for some purposes no matter what kind of harvesting system you have.

1.   Cooking and drinking

Humans can actually consume rainwater in the water tank from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter which is very high-quality water. It relatively does not contain chemicals like chlorine which are often used to clean municipal tap water.

2.   Laundry and bathing

In the certain country for example the United States, 22 percent of indoor water use is for washing clothes. Baths and showers take 2 percent and 17 percent respectively.

If the harvested rainwater is used for all of this, people can decrease their municipal water use by more than 40 percent. Depending on how clean the water you want for washing, both intreated or treated water can be used.

3.   Flushing toilets

This use is another huge water drain from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter. Almost 27 percent of water used in your home is for toilets. Instead, you can use collected water by trying to keep a bucket next to your toilet.

Instead of using the flush, pour the water directly into the toilet bowl. This will easily flush your toilet. Ensure that your toilet’s tank is mounted in the bucket you use.

For instance, if the toilet tank is 22.7 liters (6 gallons), at least use a 6-gallon bucket of water. Another way is to install a pipe directly into your house and connect it to the toilet for flushing.

4.   Watering gardens, lawns, and houseplants

Rainwater is a natural source for watering plants. It also can be easily used for outdoor and indoor gardens. You can water plants by hand using a watering can, using water collected in a modular tank from Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter.

You can also directly attach an automatic irrigation system to a tank. In addition, it is useful to use a passive system to collect and conserve water on your land.

Taking advantage of the natural movement of water can be in the form of planting garden beds at the base of a hill, or along the edges of the driveway. Also, they can catch excess runoff by planting a rain garden at the ends of your grass.

A large storage tank can provide extra protection for those who live in an area prone to wildfires. It is good to install a quality product from BaliGEOTEX, the best Indonesia modular rainwater tank manufacturer and exporter.

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