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For your information, plastic pellets may be available in different options of shape & size. Some of them look almost round while some others look like spherical, miniature cylinders, etc. Even more, the same box may contain different shapes & sizes of plastic pellets. Moreover, the quality is also different from one to another. To ensure that you get the best quality, you should shop at a plastic pellet factory in Indonesia with a good reputation.

Plastic Pellet Geometry

Plastic Pellet factory

Basically, there’re 2 methods in pelletizing plastic. The first is a strand cut method where it uses a die with a round shape. Here, the extruded polymer will result in long thin plastic string strands like a thick wire from copper. The manufacturer directs the material into a water bath where they quench and cut it into small pellets in cylinder shapes. Usually, they use this process for colored polymers to make colored films/parts of plastic. Often, they use these colored pellets in the containers of flower vase to anchor arrangements of artificial flowers. All the color spectrum is available in this geometry of plastic pellet.

Meanwhile, the second method is the underwater pelletizing. Here, the manufacturer extrudes the pellets through a rounded/circular orifice in the same way. Then, it results in the rounded/spherical plastic pellets. Here, the geometry of the plastic pellet depends on the polymer’s characteristics and rate or other parameters. With different processes, the manufacturer can make the same polymer into various shapes. And with different materials, plastic pellets can result in various shapes in the same box. To ensure the quality, you can shop plastic pellet from Urban Plastic Indonesia.

The shape impact on the material’s density belongs to the most important factors you should consider. In fact, it highly impacts on the number of plastic pellets you get for the money you spend. The plastic pellet’s shape may also impact on the way it slips/slides over each other. Indeed, rounder pellets are easier to move. Besides that, the additives may impact this, too. This is also good for rifle rests cornhole bags, etc. where free movement of flowing plastic pellet is very important. Finally, the plastic pellet’s shape helps you to soften the object impact in a glass.

Tips to Shop at the Best Plastic Pellet Factory in Indonesia

Plastic Pellet factory in Indonesia

When buying plastic pellet, there are a few things to consider. Besides its stiffness/hardness, you should also consider its flexibility. Then, weight, cost, and environment also belong to the most important considerations. Considering those factors will help you to get plastic pellets with the best quality.

You may often find low-quality plastic pellet suppliers without these geometry and property indications. Even more, they may use obsolete images to show plastic pellets with different colors from what they sell. So, be careful in purchasing and make sure that you buy plastic pellet from a supplier with a good reputation. If you don’t know where you should shop, Urban Plastic is the best plastic pellet factory in Indonesia.