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As a garbage bag factory in Indonesia, PT. Kapuk Mas wants to help people to manage their waste better and prevent negative impacts of waste on the environment. We are ready with two types of garbage bags, which are recycled HDPE bags and LLDPE bags. Both of them are available in various dimensions and thicknesses. Due to the specifications, our products are suitable for industry, hotels, residentials, hospitals, restaurants, and many more. The purpose of producing several types of garbage bags is to ensure that the product can hold any kind of waste or garbage. Check the detail about our products below. 

PT. Kapuk Mas, a Garbage Bag Factory in Indonesia Supports People to Classify Their Garbage 

People produce a variety of waste, including organic, inorganic, solid, liquid, and even toxic or B3. Each waste needs a different treatment. Let’s say you can use organic waste for fertilizer. On the other hand, you can recycle the inorganic waste and remove the toxic waste. Putting all of them in one garbage bin gives a bad impact not only on the environment but also on you. It is the reason why PT. Kapuk Mas, a garbage bag factory in Indonesia supports people to classify their garbage. In the process, they need more garbage bags to classify the waste. We try to give a solution by offering bin bags and colored bin bags. It is a solution for those who don’t have enough space for the trash. You only have to use several plastic bags based on the waste type. This simple step means a lot to the environment. 

PT. Kapuk Mas, a Garbage Bag Factory in Indonesia Helps to Clean Your Environment 

A garbage bag solves many waste issues, including volume, odor, and cleaning process. You can’t put the waste anywhere you want every day. It will be a problem, especially in a large amount. A black garbage bag solves this problem. Using this product means that you cover the pile of garbage well. Covering the pile of garbage with black garbage bags is also crucial to prevent bad odor. The garbage is safe until the cleaning process. This product allows you to bring all the waste to the garbage dump easily. In the end, you always see your environment clean. It is one of our goals as a garbage bag factory in Indonesia

PT. Kapuk Mas, a Garbage Bag Factory in Indonesia Facilitates People with Durable Plastic Bags 

We understand that you have to deal with a different type of waste every day. Indeed, you need durable plastic bags to cover the waste. Our plastic bags are made of recycled HDPE and LLDPE. Both materials are durable to hold any garbage. We also produce plastic bags in a variety of dimensions from 60 cm to 120 cm in width. You can also choose the bags based on the thickness, from 20 microns to 60 microns. It means that our product is not only durable but also flexible for any waste management process.  We are a garbage bag factory in Indonesia but our garbage bag product market is currently in the United Kingdom. Indeed, we are welcoming any industry in Indonesia and other countries to use our plastic bags to manage waste more effectively.

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